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Ayrshire Run
Sun 7th May 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 18
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The Ayrshire Run revisited, was initially to be without the 'Treasure Hunt' part which seemed to be popular last year, so much so that after a few gentle hints by members it was quickly put back on the agenda and Phil soon came up with a new set of questions, both relating to Ayrshire landmarks and a bit of general knowledge.

A damp start to the day at the Paraffin Lamp meeting point saw the 18 cars almost evenly split between those taking part in the Treasure Hunt and those not and by the time the second 'Run only' group set off the skies brightened up enabling the hoods to be dropped, which is where they remained all day apart from a five minute shower just before lunch.
Through Dunlop and Stewarton before tackling the minor roads which included the somewhat bumpy potholed single track road which leads to the fishing club reservoirs of Little and Black Loch, one of the hazards of leading a run is that no one can warn you that the huge puddle your about to go through has a pothole hidden in it, until its too late. A quick blast along the old A77 and then down speed bump valley or 'Speed Tables', as they are now signposted as in Galston, followed by a brief stop at the Co-Op for those seeking refreshment. Sorn, Skares, Patna and Dalmellington were next before crossing the lovely B741 to Straiton then through Dailly for the home straight to a somewhat late lunch. Once again the Malin Court excelled itself and I'm sure everyone agreed the three course meal was outstanding.
The winners of the Treasure Hunt Quiz were Mino & Dinaz, second Gordon & Janice and third Willie & Hannah.

After Lunch some of the local contingent branched off and the rest of the group continued in one convoy zig-zagging across Ayrshire to our finishing point at Galston, thus avoiding the A77 almost completely.
Many thanks to Phil and his co-pilot Cameron for another successful and enjoyable Ayrshire Run, possibly a tiring one for the Eastern Members who still had another 70 odd miles to add to their journey home.   

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Your Comments
7th May 2006 12:04 :: Ronnie
Disaster struck en route to run. As I came through Clyde Tunnel I got distracted by a signpost for Irvine A736. While wondering if I should take that exit I hit a puddle of water which dislodged the sunp guard which at speeeds of over 20mph was hitting road. Had to limp home feeling @?%?** stupid. Sorry but had no phone numbers to let anyone know.

7th May 2006 16:43 :: Stella & Nige
Sorry you guys, couldn't make it today. After getting home from hols yesterday, and pouring rain here this morning, decided to do the household chores instead - poor substitute and one that won't happen too many times I can tell you!  Hope you all had a great day.  At least it'd be quieter without our exhausts!!!

7th May 2006 17:00 :: lochpark
Slightly different perspective from the passenger seat, good run good company.

Food was great again, well done Phil.

7th May 2006 18:26 :: Douglas
Interesting run today and weren't we lucky with the weather, hood up only for a few miles before lunch..which was once again excellent.
Thanks Phil and Cameron for helping.

Pity the gremlins struck today, re Ronnie and Liz & Don,
Stella & Nige...that excuse is not acceptable.

7th May 2006 19:23 :: Jim Tolson
Great run (but don\'t mention the weather). Thanks to Phil and Douglas for organinsing the run and great lunch. Looking forward to the Rannoch Run (and better weather - oops sorry).

7th May 2006 19:53 :: Kerr
thoroughly enjoyed my first run :) Thanks to everyone for being so friendly, thanks to everyone who organised the run and thanks to the staff at the malin court :D

7th May 2006 19:55 :: Kerr
thoroughly enjoyed my first run :) Thanks to everyone for being so friendly, thanks to everyone who organised the run and thanks to the staff at the malin court :D

7th May 2006 21:08 :: Rob and Margaret
Thanks to Phil for a great run. The lunch at Malin Court was excellent. An enjoyable day out that even the weather couldn't spoil.

7th May 2006 21:23 :: June
Paul & I had a great day, good company and good grub and weather not too bad at all!!!
Thanks to Phil & Douglas & anyone else who helped with organising! :-)

7th May 2006 21:25 :: Gordon & Janice
We'd like to add our thanks to Phil for a lot of hard work and planning. The Malin Court was excellent again and the company as usual was brilliant.
The treasure hunt certainly adds a bit of interest for the passenger too.

7th May 2006 22:21 :: chic and heather
enjoyed the run Phil and the food was excellent again
Thanks to Phil and Douglas

8th May 2006 00:24 :: Mino & Dinaz
Phil - another enjoyable event and a superb lunch for which many thanks - we returned home exhausted and happy ...?:O>)

8th May 2006 10:29 :: Fee
Glad you guys had a great run.
Stella & Nige - I feel your pain!  After being at the theatre all week involved in a show, I too had a horrendous amount of chores to do. Not pleasant, I can tell you! Can't wait to the next run now that my Sundays are clear.

8th May 2006 12:21 :: Gordon & Janice
I should have mentioned, it was a very important landmark for our car during the run, we passed the 100,000 mile mark somewhere around Skares...

Really looking forward to the next 100,000 :-)

8th May 2006 19:18 :: Graeme
Glad to hear y'all had a great time.

Bruce was brill 8-D

8th May 2006 20:26 :: Gavin
Phil, VMT for the magical mystery tour. Magical for the roads. Mystery, where the hell are we? Lunch was excellent. The Malin Court even gets a mention in the Sunday Herald's Great Scottish Drives supplement.

8th May 2006 21:09 :: Tom
Brilliant Drive, Company and Food. Thanks to Phil and all the other organisers of the day.

8th May 2006 21:23 :: Mino
Sorry to correct you Phil but it is a Hyundai matrix

That makes it 46 then ....?:O)

9th May 2006 08:21 :: Phil
Try, back to 45 !!!!

11th May 2006 20:27 :: Willie and Hannah
Thanks for the day, looking forward to the next one.

12th May 2006 17:51 :: Hannah
My first mazda run, with my dad willie, had a fantastic day, iam now looking to buy a mazda mx5, thank you for a great day!

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