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The Wedding Run
Sat 27th May 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
[ show event report ]


With assistance from Alan Tollin.

Central Scotland Members have been invited to join Tyne Tees Area for the Wedding of Fran and Simon at the Gretna Green Ceremony (11.30)on Saturday 27th May. We hope to line all the cars up so that the couple can walk through them, of course this will mean decorating the cars with baloons and ribbons etc. Priority will be to get to Gretna on time but afterwards Alan has put together a route through the Borders and finishing at Biggar.

Edit.. Wedding Ceremony brought forward to 11.30, Departure time moved to suit.

Afterwards Lunch at the Queens Hotel Lockerbie.
?12.50 for 3 courses & Coffee/Tea.


                    Soup of the Day.
                    Egg Mayonnaise.
                      Fruit Juice.
        Roast Galloway Beef & Yorkshire Pudding.
              Breast of Chicken Supreme.
      Queens Salad Platter or Vegetarian Option.

                      Sherry Trifle.
                    Apple Pie & Cream.
                    Fruit Cheesecake.

                      Tea or Coffee.

e-mail from the Bride:-

Hello Douglas,

Fran Hall (soon to be Williams) here.

Jen Dorgan's kindly given me your e-mail address, so that I can drop you a note about our Elopement Run.

Simon and I have done a 'recce' of the Gretna/Gretna Green area and have decided that Gretna Railway Station is the best place for your members and the TT region to meet up.
The car park was virtually empty when we looked in - so hopefully will be the same on the am of the 27th.
The ceremony itself is at the Gretna Hall Hotel, Gretna Lonning, Gretna Green and starts at 11.30 a.m.  However, the convoy needs to arrive by 11.00 a.m., so that Simon can meet the Registrar beforehand - also for everyone's peace of mind!

Gretna Hall Hotel are allowing us to park on their front lawn as a group - we are seeing them again at the weekend just to finalise this!  The setting is lovely for photo's though.

I look forward to seeing you and members of the Scottish OC on the 27th.

Kind regards
Fran Hall

Douglas & Linda.
Rob & Margaret.
Chic & Heather.
Dave & Caroline.
Alan Tollin & Alan's Mum.
Sandy & Margo.
Tom & Barbara.
Fiona & Nicola.

11 cars, 19 people.

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Your Comments
27th May 2006 19:08 :: Skarecrow
Congratulations to Fran and Simon, and thanks to Allan for planning the run and organising the lunch. Thanks to Douglas and Gavin for leading and following and finally sorry to Fee and her friend for the wheelspin and the mud.



27th May 2006 19:17 :: Skarecrow
Congratulations to Fran and Simon, and thanks to Allan for planning the run and organising the lunch. Thanks to Douglas and Gavin for leading and following and finally sorry to Fee and her friend for the wheelspin and the mud.



27th May 2006 19:34 :: Rob and Margaret
Best wishes to Fran and Simon for a life of health and happiness together.
Thanks to all involved in today's run. A great lunch and a wonderful day out.

27th May 2006 19:56 :: Fee & Nicola
Thanks guys, a great day. Best wishes to Fran and Simon.  Well done all our strapping men who looked very smart decked out in their kilts.  Going out to wash the car now!!!!

28th May 2006 12:51 :: Jenny Dorgan
Thank you all so much for helping to make Simon & Fran's wedding day into such a success. The cars looked wonderful & the Men in Kilts made the day for Fran, she was so pleased you had all made the effort. So did Arracelly, the lady who was straight in there, among you all in the group photo. She didn't stop smiling all the way home!!
Jenny.  Tyne Tees.

28th May 2006 13:03 :: Jenny Dorgan
Thank you to Alan for choosing the venue for our lunch after the wedding, the food was excellent.

We were very touched that Central Scotland OC gave a gift of vouchers to Simon & Fran, we didn't know you were doing that, it was a lovely surprise & very kind of you. We had a collection and gave them gift vouchers too.

28th May 2006 13:13 :: Douglas
Thanks Jenny, once again it was a pleasure to be in the company of our Friends from Tyne Tees.

e-mail from Fran & Simon..Hi Douglas

We would like to thank you and your members so very much for your company yesterday at our wedding.

It was such a wonderful turnout of cars and people - the kilts were magnificent.  We were so touched to see so many of you there.  Many many thanks for the vouchers, which were certainly not expected, but very welcome!

We will see you at Holy Island in a few weeks - can't promise we'll let you win, but you never know!!

Thanks once again.

Kind regards
Mr & Mrs Simon Williams

28th May 2006 23:36 :: stevie
Congratulations to Fran and Simon. And thanks to Douglas and Alan for organising the day. The Hotel food was wonderful. Finished off with some great roads.

29th May 2006 19:53 :: Gavin
Yes, Congrats Fran and Simon. Also VMT to Douglas for the ribbons etc and Alan for choosing such good roads. Also, lunch was excellent. Now. We never did get down to discussing the rules of rounders with our friends from across the border.

29th May 2006 20:58 :: Alan
Congratulations to Fran and Simon, and thank you for inviting us to your big day. My mother and I both loved the run, beginning with the wedding and culminating in some stunning scenery (thanks to Dougls for organising the event and providing the ribbons, and to Gavin for leading the convoy to St. Mary's Loch). I have used the hotel several times but the food even exceeded my expectations. My mother was so impressed with the route, she will be borrowing my MX5 and re-doing the entire trip. See you on the Kinloch Rannoch trip,  Alan (with Miranda)

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