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Easter Weekend in Ullapool
Sat 15th Apr 2006 to Mon 17th Apr 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 19
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Report to follow, but in the mean time ........

The following image was taken by Mino at the top of Old Smokey.  Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version :

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Your Comments
15th Apr 2006 22:24 :: Jon
Here in Ullapool. Great drive up, nice hotel. Looking forward to tomorrows run.

16th Apr 2006 22:20 :: Lorraine
Hi all - just a huge thank you for a great weekend. Lots of lovely scenery, laughs and friendship. My wee dram is very nice too! Hope Sunday went well.

16th Apr 2006 23:04 :: Danny
Thanks for a great day out in Applecross.  Got back home just in time to watch "Time Team" - who were also in Applecross, examining "a series of low walls" in the pouring rain - and not having such a good time!

17th Apr 2006 12:08 :: Bill Bennett
Yet another great weekend in excellant company. The Saturday night get together was as usual 'entertaining'. The Saturday and Sunday runs were very good 'as was lunch at Applecross'. Good to see lots of new faces and I now know who is posting on the forum. Many thanks to the organisers.

17th Apr 2006 20:29 :: Stella & Nigel
What a fantastic weekend!  So annoyed I had to work today - really wanted to stay and play! Will definitely be going back to the pub in Applecross.  Mr 'Moss' is unfortunately indisposed at the moment, bad back just got worse, so he's debating whether to go back to work tomorrow or not.  Very many thanks to all the organisers, all your efforts were very much appreciated.

17th Apr 2006 21:13 :: stevie
Thank's Chic and Heather for a fantastic easter weekend. superb roads. Fantastic hotel and food. Stick my name down again for any weekends you both run in the future. Stevie....

17th Apr 2006 21:56 :: Dot and Chas
Thanks to Chic and Heather for a fantastic weekend.We thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to visit that area again soon.The hotel,lunches and the runs were perfect,thanks to your attention to detail.I hope you are both enjoying a well deserved rest!!!!

17th Apr 2006 22:37 :: Phil
Great weekend, fantastic roads and scenery, bit kn****ed tonight after the 740 miles but the car is now "run-in".  Checked the petrol consumption over the weekend (I know I'm sad) and the figures compute at 37.14mpg, not bad for a 2 ltr car!!!!!

17th Apr 2006 23:17 :: Douglas
Was that a weekend or was that a weekend!! 750 miles total, fantastic weather, great company and superb food. I can't over emphasise enough our appreciation of the hard work both Heather & Chic put in to making this event the success it was, respect and thanks. Was great to meet up with the new and not so new North Scotland people too. Thanks to all that donated raffle Prizes.

18th Apr 2006 10:06 :: Rob and Margaret
A big thank you Chic and Heather for a really wonderfull weekend. We had a fantastic time.The roads,hotel,food and company, everything was perfect.I can't imagine the amount of planning and hard work involved in organising this event so far from home.
Many thanks.

18th Apr 2006 14:07 :: Gavin
What more can I add. I think it has all been said. VMT to Chic and Heather for a well executed game plan. The route book was a good idea and the lunch time food order spreadsheets very well done Top notch. Good craik at the hotel, friendly staff, good company. Brilliant scenery, must do it again.Surprising amount of topless driving.

18th Apr 2006 14:09 :: Brian and Angie
Hi all - thanks for a superb weekend and for making us newcomers welcome. Hope to see you all again. Cheers, Brian and Angie

18th Apr 2006 16:40 :: Jon
As already mentioned - what more is there to say!! I had never been up to the north/west before and was blown-away by the scenery. Superb weekend alround (bar ?1.01 per ltr). Many Thanks to all involved in organising such a great event. I wonder how much space we have for pictures!!? 

18th Apr 2006 19:19 :: chic and heather
Good company makes the weekend hence this one was good - hope all the first timers enjoyed themselves and survived the inane conversation from the regulars. Thanks to Dinaz for the massage which got Heather reasonably relaxed again for the rest of the weekend. 

18th Apr 2006 22:50 :: Mino
A superb weekend, grateful thanks to Chic and Heather - only question now is when i can do the Applecross run in the other direction ...!:O>)

18th Apr 2006 23:18 :: Bill & Linda
What massage!!! If I had known that was included I would have booked myself and Linda in. All joking aside, this type of weekend is what Linda and I enjoy most weekends in this region. Empty roads, terrific scenery, good out of the way food stops, and hundreds of miles to drive around albeit at sometime more than ?1.03 per litre. This type of enjoyment has no price tag. Th smiles on the faces on the Achnasheen Road said it all. I am glad everyone enjoyed the trip to the west of Scotland, now you have to come back and enjoy the real North West of Scotland north of Ullapool up to the North coast. Come back soon all of you.


Bill & Linda

18th Apr 2006 23:28 :: Bill & Linda
I tell you what!! If none of these photos get a place in the next STHT I will be severely 'P'd off' They beat the pants off anything I have seen recently (apart from Douglas' collage).

19th Apr 2006 21:00 :: WILLIE+GILL
what can we say????
minning roads,rubbish runs,food and hotel not the best,company dull.

ONLY JOKING. THANKS VERY MUCH TO CHIC+HAETHER FOR ONE OF OUR BEST STAY OVER WEEKENDS.WE COULD HAVE STAYED FOR ANOTHER WEEK SO LONG AS EVERY ONE ELSE the words of stevie :pure dead brill by the way: once again thank you all for such a fantastic weekend. see you all soon     

20th Apr 2006 17:52 :: dot and chas
Does anyone have a piccie of the Easter Bunny that hopped across the car park on Easter Sunday????

20th Apr 2006 18:09 :: Douglas
Yes, will send to you.

21st Apr 2006 10:50 :: Eileen & Richard
Hi folks, just to let you know that the liver transplant has been a  success, I'm all ready for the next weekend away! Seriously, it was a fantastic weekend, everything was perfect and we would like to thank everyone for their help with our 'plug' problem.  Huge thanks to Chic & Heather, your hard work was much appreciated. Thanks also to Stella for taking me down the steep pass slowly, that and the gins helped no end to overcome my vertigo (and the Tenna Ladys of course Chas).  Ah well, back to the Detox until next time.

24th Apr 2006 14:08 :: Jon
My pictures available at
(currently unedited)

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