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Carron Valley &Trossachs
Sun 26th Feb 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 24
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After Gavin added his part of the route to my Carron Valley & Fintry contribution, I couldn?t help having a wee laugh to myself when I read his title; The ?Trossachs Trundle? although the word ?Trundle? conjures up images of slow moving hand carts, the picture I was getting had an old single decker bus running out of steam as it climbed the Dukes Pass. Some may recall the famous ?Trossachs Trundler? a 1951 Bedford OB bus that Stirlingshire Transport department operated during the summer seasons between 1993 and 1999, when it gave up the ghost completely. The 'Trundler' service still operates to this day and proudly carries the name during the warmer months, however the quaint cream and red coach has been replaced by a modern Fiat version which happily almost guarantees its passengers a destination without the need of a completion certificate.

This was to be our trial event for the new split convoy system and after introductions to the three new / first run members, the twenty four cars were divided into two groups of twelve before setting off. It was soon to be apparent how easier it would be to manage the smaller convoy.
Normally the narrow Carron Bridge to Kilsyth via the Tak-Ma-Doon road is much quieter, but due to the Fintry to Stirling road being closed we seemed to be meeting no end of oncoming vehicles, which slowed us down greatly. Alongside the Forth & Clyde Canal, by passing the old mining village of Twechar, through Milton of Campsie and Lennoxtown, after which we climbed the scenic Crow Road and parked at the top to admire the view and take advantage of a photo opportunity. This was where we had the chance to view some of the other cars in our convoy, including a yellow Honda S2000 owned by Oxford Club member and fellow Scot Sue Duncan, Sue was up visiting relatives and asked if she could join us for the day. At this point we could have stayed a bit longer, but the wind chill factor was beginning to take its toll, so we decided to press on, thus leaving ample parking room for Gavin in convoy two. Continuing through the Campsie Hills was pleasant enough but the drop down to Fintry was both spectacular and awesome, the cold but sunny day meant that many of the snow capped peaks in the distance were clearly standing proud on the horizon, almost like an alpine panorama.
On arrival at the seven hundred year old Culcreuch Castle Hotel we were pleasantly surprised to find that our hosts had coned off the entire frontal parking area, which made for some great photographs. The second group soon joined us and before long we were all seated in the reserved function room for what was an excellent Lunch. Back down in the car park the camera shutters were firing frantically, as every possible angle of car and castle was being digitally deployed.
The second part of the run was to be longer and no less interesting as we drove over Kippen Muir, followed by a picturesque and twisty Lake-side drive (now that's a first for a Central Scotland run!!) past the Lake of Menteith, into Aberfoyle and over the Dukes Pass, normally the Pass is an enjoyable and involving drive, but due to winter leaving its mark on the road surface, it became more of a trial to avoid the worst of the potholes and undulations. Skirting round the usually busy Callander via the Invertrossachs road, we then went through Thornhill before joining the main Stirling road at Blair Drummond, before long it was into Dobbies Garden Centre where we ended the run with a coffee in the Restaurant.
Although the total mileage for the day, was somewhat shorter than our normal, the objective was to see if we could make the day a little more relaxed with more opportunity for our members to talk with one another, or look under the bonnet's of other cars, this we believe we achieved.
Many thanks to Richard & Eileen and Sandy & Margo for going tail-gunners on the day. A big thanks also to those that donated Prizes for the raffle.


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Your Comments
26th Feb 2006 18:52 :: john&heather

26th Feb 2006 19:27 :: Rob and Margaret
Thanks to Douglas and Gavin for a wonderful run.
Excellent choice of roads, great meal and good company, nice to meet new members, even the sun shone, a perfect day.

26th Feb 2006 19:52 :: Marie and Alex
This was our first run with the club and we really enjoyed it. thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome.

26th Feb 2006 20:05 :: redhot5
thanks to gavin and douglas for great day which dylan and i thoughly enjoyed,weather was great ,scenery was great and company was second to none,by the way nigel keep on at the wife for that supercharger

26th Feb 2006 20:12 :: Stella & Nige
Ditto, fab day, what a super place for lunch - only the best for the MX-5 Club.  Thanks again to Douglas and Gavin.  And Graeme, WHAT supercharger!!!?

26th Feb 2006 20:16 :: redhot5
oh nigel just imagine all that horsepower and how good would it look under your bonnet,

26th Feb 2006 21:11 :: Gordon & Janice
Thanks for the hard work Gavin and Douglas. The meal was excellent and we had a great time as usual.

Maybe the supercharger will be needed to help tow the caravan Stella :-)

26th Feb 2006 21:19 :: Gordon & Janice
Thanks for the hard work Gavin and Douglas. The meal was excellent and we had a great time as usual.

Maybe the supercharger will be needed to help tow the caravan Stella :-)

27th Feb 2006 00:37 :: Mino
Thanks Douglas and Gavin, another great route and a fine day out, and even a Scottish Road Atlas to take away ...?:O>) 

27th Feb 2006 08:15 :: Scott (Skarecrow) & Kim
Just like to add our thanks to Douglas and Gavin and all the others who helped out, driving rear guard etc. great drive, good food and friendly company, you know we may have do come along to another one of these club thingys.


27th Feb 2006 09:51 :: Simon
First part of the run was excellent.... good weather and great roads (home turf).  Sorry I couldn't stay for lunch.

27th Feb 2006 17:48 :: stevie
Thanks to Gavin and Douglas.

Very good roads and the hotel for lunch was excellent. Liked the new driving system worked well.
Looking forward to the next run.
Cheer's Stevie...

27th Feb 2006 18:16 :: kevham
Thanks to all for a fun day out. Good roads, very nice lunch. Sorry we couldn't hang about for PM drive but we had a prior engagement.
Thanks to Stevie for the shot of the new car - very nice.
It was nice to see Sue up from the deep south - brought back some memories of runs long gone.......

27th Feb 2006 22:21 :: chic and heathet
Thanks to Douglas and Gavin for a fine day out.
Thought the split groups were much more manageable. Good food, weather and company

28th Feb 2006 19:33 :: madmortons
thanks to douglas and gavin for a great day.good food,good folk,good weather,good castle,.have you ordered your new 5 yet chic or are you still in the club?

1st Mar 2006 13:04 :: Sue
Thanks for letting me bring my non-MX-5 on the run.  It was a great route especially the Dukes Pass. I will bring a '5 next time! 

Thanks to Douglas and Gavin.

6th Mar 2006 20:42 :: gordon & allison
thanks for my first run of the year, we thouroughly enjoyed it. looking forward to the fife run!, at least i hope ill know the area, cheers for the excellent organisation and the delightful weather which you organised. see you all soon.


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