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New years Run
Mon 2nd Jan 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 21
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Our first Run of the year is always a gamble, and weather wise relies heavily on lady luck smiling down on us, we are not talking sunshine here, no that would be foolish to expect, but the basic requisite for the 2nd of January is roads free of snow and ice, bearing in mind the type of roads we love to use and the lack of gritters on a Public Holiday, you can see where the organisation of the January event is fraught with luck, risk, gamble...and nerves.
John Sim kindly volunteered his services to organise this run and although I helped him with one of the recce's, Heather and other members of the Sim family drove the route again with John at least another half dozen times, even the day before the run, when John discovered that part of the route had a diversion on it, he set about amending and printing new copies to replace the previously downloaded versions.

A relaxed atmosphere on a chilly morning as our members, which included three cars and occupants on their first run, bid one another a happy new year at the Newhouse meeting point. After the lunch order was taken and left on the Hotel's answering machine, the twenty-one cars set off to explore some of Lanarkshire's unknown roads. It was only half a mile into the run when we were all given a reminder of what the weather had been like during the night, some thick patches of ice at the side of the road and at the bottom of a excellent wake up call so early on. The route twisted and wound its way by-passing Carluke and going through little villages like Crossford and Bonkle, a blast down the old A74 duel carriageway from Lesmahagow to Douglas Water, where things got more than a little interesting for the front cars, the old wooden river bridge we had to cross was pretty slippy, not so much with frost but more the damp conditions on the smooth boards. It has to be said that at this point in the route the broken road surface in and around Douglas Water is a disgrace and has been the same way for many years, fortunately John had warned us of this on the route notes. The next part was where the detour took over, this aside there was still some fine scenery to be seen as we skirted Tinto Hill towards Biggar. A twenty minute stop in Biggar with a chance to stretch the legs, followed by what seemed like a twenty minute wait to exit the car park back onto the main Edinburgh road, the convoy waited for the back markers to catch up then it was cross country to Carnwath through Carstairs and downhill to New Lanark.
The Hotel had been reluctant to offer us a more varied fixed price menu, just in case we cancelled due to the weather, they would have done this only on condition that the club pay a no show fee, which of course was unacceptable, so a limited bar menu was offered instead...hence the steak pie or haddock only, which is all very well if the food is good, but playing a game of hunt the steak amidst the bacon and sausage in the your steak pie is a bit much, not to mention the tasteless soup and overcooked fish, although out of our control and no reflection whatsoever on the part we played in organising, I have to say it will go down as the worst lunch I have had on a Central Scotland run...ever, never mind the year can only get better.
After lunch a walk to the falls and for some a look around the visitor centre, ended a pleasant day out.

Thanks once again to John for all the hard work he put into organising his first run so successfully.


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Your Comments
2nd Jan 2006 16:51 :: Rob and Margaret
Thanks John and Douglas for a great start to the new year.

2nd Jan 2006 19:04 :: Gavin
Yeah, thanks guys for the run though I don't know if North Lanarkshire's roads are any better than East Lothian's. And Douglas you were right about expecting the car to get filthy.

2nd Jan 2006 19:13 :: Richard & Eileen
Yes a bit rough in parts. Fast in others though, enjoyed it. How was lunch?

Car is now washed and put away!

2nd Jan 2006 23:48 :: Peter & Eli Wilkinson
Our first run today, great experience!

3rd Jan 2006 10:52 :: Tom
Well Done, John!
Excellent run, must do the walk up to the falls sometime.
Thanks to everyone that remembered to take photograghs(any more?).

3rd Jan 2006 12:50 :: Iain & Anne
Thanks Guys for a fun day out. Great antidote to the last week of excessive eating & drinking.As they said on Top Grear the MX5 is made for B class roads.

3rd Jan 2006 16:13 :: Dot and Chas
Thanks to John and Family for the route,some great roads ,well they will be when they are finished!It was a great start to the New Year.Lunch was different,never had sausage in my steak pie before!We had a great day and look forward to more runs in 2006!!

4th Jan 2006 10:22 :: chic and heather
Thanks to John and Douglas for the organisation of an enjoyable run

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