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Back to the Future
Sun 30th Oct 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 16
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Back to the Future:- Meet the Mk-3ers.

The sole purpose of this event is to get the chance to see the new Mk-3 in the flesh. Two of our members.. Mino and Gavin, should by then have taken delivery of their new cars.
This being an Impromptu Run, will be a much laid back affair. Lunch will be at the 'Famous Grouse Experience' in Crieff.
A bit of fun, sticky tape and plastic bottles time...since its the eve of halloween, no not asking you to dress up but; if you would like to adorn your non MK-3 car with something(s) that makes the Mk-3 different, perhaps something that is missing or would make it better...good or bad, you've read all the pre launch comments now copy it, the more the merrier, the funnier the better. We will do this at lunch time while the
two judges (guess who) are still inside the restaurant.
We have both Mino & Gavin's blessings for this so don't worry about offending them. Prizes for funniest cars (most cupholders etc)

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Your Comments
30th Oct 2005 17:45 :: Thomas1964
Brilliant day, Great cars and Excellent company, what more could you want?

Gleneagles for coffee! A very fine way to round off the day.


30th Oct 2005 20:20 :: gordon and pauline
Thanks for a great day out - really enjoyed ourselves. Co pilot slept all the way home - bliss. See you soon.

30th Oct 2005 20:34 :: Gordon & Janice
We had a lot of fun today, shame the Mk 3 owners couldn\'t afford to stay for coffee :-)

30th Oct 2005 20:35 :: Gordon & Janice
We had a lot of fun today, shame the Mk 3 owners couldn\'t afford to stay for coffee :-)

30th Oct 2005 21:16 :: Graeme
Oh, that my co-pilot would sleep on the way home!! I had to tell and retell the story of Buzz & Woody in Toy Story, whilst following Gavin through the twisties at speed. Colin McRae never had to do that!!
Graet day out though.

30th Oct 2005 22:54 :: Andy (Sdm Mazda)
A big thank you to all the mx-5 club for their hospitality, totally enjoyed every minute. Andrew pringle Sdm Mazda

31st Oct 2005 00:24 :: Don
Nice Mk3 Mino & Gavin,

We couldn't make it today due to "Puppy" sitting. Will be back soon. By the way Gavin, is the 53 in your number plate your age ? You don't look a day over 50 !


31st Oct 2005 13:49 :: chic and heather
Thanks to Richard and Douglas for another excellent day - must find out how you get the co pilot to sleep, Pauline, as snoring would be better than the comments I get about speed, cornering, braking etc etc

31st Oct 2005 19:31 :: Gavin
Graeme, I was being restrained by the 600 mile pseudo running in period. And the cars in front.
Don, i'm not allowed to embelish the plate but next time I see you I'll explain.
The car handles soooo goood. Good choice of roads Richard.

1st Nov 2005 20:29 :: Stella & Nigel
Great meeting you all again.  Good to meet Andy from Sdm Mazda.  Andy, did you get your car?

3rd Nov 2005 23:17 :: gordon m.
looks like you all had a grat day and cant wait to see the new mark 3's, sorry i missed this one but i forgot to check the site. boo hoo!, see you all soon.

4th Nov 2005 17:23 :: Gavin
Gordon, I even had the chrome filler cap with me.

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