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2017 Light Tech Day
Sat 25th Mar 2017
organised by Grampian Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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The garage will be open from 9:00 am and bacon rolls will be served from around 10:00 am with tea and coffee together with a buffet lunch when the bacon rolls run out.

If you just want to come along to see what is going on then that is fine as we usually have a good selection of both the Grampian and Tayside members here. You can watch what is going on in the garage or just have a chat to the assembled masses.

For the avoidance of doubt no financial contribution is either expected or will be accepted from any visitors to the Tech Day.

Can members or visitors please post what jobs they want to do and where they are comming from to allow those travelling a distance or only wanting a quick underside inspection to be put on the lift earlier.

With regards to the work that can be done on the day.

A full engine, gearbox and diff oil change is possible but not a full sevices as that would require the wheels off and the brakes fluid changed.

An antifreeze change is no problem.

A full brake check and lube of disc pad sliders is fine but not a full change of pads and disks.

An underside inspection and checking under the wheel arch liners can be done but not the clean out of the arches and application of goo as that takes too long and creates too much mess for a tech day.

Clearing drains or lubing window slides is possible as is a spark plug change.

If you advise which jobs you would like to do I will advise if it is reasonable or if that needs a day on it's own.

Directions will be posted a day or so prior to the event.

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