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Planning Meeting
Sun 20th Nov 2016
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Planning Meeting for 2017

Corbie Inn Bo'Ness
Sunday 20nd November 2016 @ 14:00

In Attendance
20 members and wives/partners.
Maria & Jim, Ali & Drew, Marcia & Raymond, Janet & Wattie, Dave, Susan, Ian, Bobbie & Richard, Karine & Hugh, Anne & Tom, Eileen & Gavin, Alan.

Welcome/Introduction/ Apologies
Jim & Drew welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Apologies received from Jacqueline, Dawn & Steven, Carol & Evan, Glenys & David, Gill & Allan,

Previous meeting notes / discussion and approval
No comments made.

Election of Area Co-ordinators
Jim informed the meeting that he had completed five years as AC and would step down in early 2017.
Drew is entering his 4th year and would step down at the end of 2017.
We are therefore looking for a new joint AC to work with Drew in 2017, and a further joint AC for 2018, assuming a new AC wants one. This would ensure a smooth transition in 2017 and also introduce new blood into the role.
No volunteers stepped forward at the meeting.
The duties are not onerous and having an incumbent joint AC for the handover year makes life much easier for the newcomer. So come on members, put your name forward to Jim or Drew for the role.
There is also a financial benefit - you do not have to pay annual membership fees during your tenure.

Post meeting note - we omitted to thank Jim for all his superb efforts during his term as AC. He has been a pleasure to work with, and has maintained his enthusiasm for the club during his AC term and I am sure he will carry on doing so going forward.

Overview of 2016 events/ discussion/ comments
It has been another successful year and the format of Easter and October weekends, Sunday runs, pub nights and summer pub night/runs still proving popular.
The format of runs and events will be repeated in 2017.
The ACs also greatly appreciated members volunteering to plan and arrange runs.
Thanks to all who had planned and led a run in 2016.

Pub meets location of events
The Boathouse, Kilsyth is still popular and convenient but menu is a bit boring.
We used the Miller & Carter at Cramond for the first time to cater for a rise in membership in the Edinburgh/east and this proved to be a good venue, and will be booked again.
Pub Nights will continue to be held on the first Thursday of the Month unless there is a clash with other events.

Programme of 2017 events.
The calendar for 2017 was issued. A request for run organisers was made and the following members have volunteered to date.

Date Organiser Type
January 22nd (Evan & Carol) Sunday lunch - Dumfries House

February 19th (tbc) Sunday lunch

March 19th (Jim & Maria) Sunday run

April 22nd (Jim & Drew) Easter weekend - Ullapool

May (tbc) Ian & Jacqueline Sunday run

June (tbc) Drew & Ali Sunday run

July (tbc) (tbc) Sunday run

August (tbc) Bobbie & Richard Sunday run

September (tbc) Gordon & Moira Sunday run

October 7th (Raymond & Marcia) October weekend

The dates for the above events will be agreed between the run organiser and AC and added to calendar.
We still have a need for run organisers for the remaining runs above, so please hold your hand up and let your AC know.

It is YOUR CLUB and the ACs are coordinators as the title implies, who facilitate the programme of events, not doing all the work in planning, organising and leading events.

Report from National AGM and AC meeting
Drew provided update on main points discussed at the national AC meeting held in Staffordshire in October.

2016 Raffle and distribution of proceeds
Collections in 2016 totalled 896.
It was agreed that 900 would be shared equally between Combat Stress (replacing Gardening Leave which is no longer operating) proposed by David & Margaret, and CHAS proposed by Bobbie & Richard.
The meeting was thanked for their generosity in raising such a great sum this year.
A cheque for 450 was given to Bobbie who would arrange for a presentation to be made to CHAS in the near future.
A cheque would be given to David & Margaret at a convenient future date.

2017 Charity Nomination
Combat Stress and CHAS would be our nominated charity for 2017 as agreed at the planning meeting in October 2015.

The Stevie Smith 2016 Award for the Members who attended the most Runs goes to Raymond  & Marcia who attended 19 events.

The Trophy for the Member/s who contributed the most to the Club in 2016 goes to Wattie Sinclair for his marvellous quizzes at the Easter and October weekends. He has been preparing questions and acting as quizmaster in his own inimitable style for several years now and they are always looked forward to by all present.
The  quiz also raises funds for our nominate charities.

National Website
The national club have been working on revising their website to make it more informative and user friendly. They plan to roll out the new site between Christmas and New Year 2016.

Our Scottish website, funded by the national club up to now, will run until November 2017, when the web hosting fee will have to be paid for a further 2 years.
Ian Ness, who currently carries out the website administration has said that he will be withdrawing from this role (after carrying this out for over 7 years) at the end of 2017. It is unlikely that anyone would take over this roll due to the bespoke design of the website and it is also unlikely that the National club would fund the web hosting charge again as the new national website is available. So it looks like our website will shut down at the end of next year.

We have been looking at the revised national website to see what it could do for us and first impressions are that it could deliver nearly all of the facilities we use now
eg future events notification, sign up for these events, photograph upload, forum etc.
One issue already identified, is the inability to add TomTom routes to the event page.
We will run both websites in tandem in 2017 to identify any issues and try to get them rectified or come up with alternate methods of communication.

Bobbie & Richard asked if there should be a limit to the number of cars on a run.
It was agreed that the run organiser should decide if a maximum was needed dictated by route, lunch venue capacity etc. It was also agreed that if large number of cars were present then the fleet should be split with a time delay on start of run between groups.

Susan asked if Garmin route files could be supplied in addition to TomTom files.
Tyre allows routes to be produced in Garmin format but this has proven inconsistent in the past. Free conversion software is available for TomTom to Garmin but large numbers of waypoints need to be added to prevent route inaccuracy. No progress on this issue.

The old club radios are reaching the end of their lives. It was proposed that 4 new radios be purchased. Drew Ness to progress.

Jim thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

Meeting ended at 16.30

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Your Comments
20th Nov 2016 21:19 :: Drew & Ali
Thanks everyone for coming along to the planning meeting and your contributions.

21st Nov 2016 15:47 :: Ian
Good planning meeting yesterday. Congratulations to the trophy winners.

Looking forward to a great 2017 MX-5 season.

21st Nov 2016 15:54 :: Wattie97
Good turn out for planning meeting and an excellent venue. Good food and company.
Thanks for the trophy Janet is delighted as I have placed it on the fireplace.

22nd Nov 2016 11:18 :: Ian
Meeting minutes now posted

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