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The October Weekend
Sat 1st Oct 2016 to Sun 2nd Oct 2016
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Your Comments
2nd Oct 2016 13:11 :: Fiona and Ian
Great weekend, lovely to see old friends again and nice to make some new ones.  Huge thanks to Marcia and Raymond for all their efforts it really is appreciated and to Wattie too for the quiz.  The ice cream van was a pleasant surprise too.

2nd Oct 2016 16:27 :: Moira and Gordon
Many thanks to Marcia and Raymond for a great run yesterday.Only sorry we were unable to make today's.
The hotel is a great venue.
Oh! we suppose we should thank Wattie for the quiz!! (Hope the family are ok)

2nd Oct 2016 17:25 :: Bobbie & Richard
A great weekend with magic roads and good company.  Thanks to Marcia and Raymond for organising everything including the weather and the ice cream van.
The hotel was excellent and thanks to Wattie for the evening entertainment.
We escorted Dave back as far as Kincardine Bridge and all seemed to be well.

2nd Oct 2016 19:33 :: Margaret & David
Thanks to Marcia & Raymond for organising another excellent weekend, great roads hotel and sunny weather.  Wattie & Janet produced another fun quiz.  Nice to see everyone again &  the usual  lively company.  So you all soon.

2nd Oct 2016 19:37 :: Irene and Ian
Great weekend. Thanks to all for organisation and good company.

2nd Oct 2016 20:12 :: Drew & Ali
Smashing weekend (oops, sorry Dave) Great driving roads, weather, hotel and company. Thanks all for making the last organised run of 2016 such a memorable event. Too many to thank but Wattie's quiz, charity collection of 168, Marcia and Raymond's planning, Margaret and David's free towing by the Toureg cavalry to name a few and Dave getting away somewhat lightly with his diesel induced spin.

2nd Oct 2016 20:56 :: alan & rosie
Thanks to marcia  and raymond for organising a brilliant weekend.The weather was amazing roofs were never up.
Watties quiz made the evenings entertainment .It was really good to see everyone again, and relieved dave was ok after his spin

3rd Oct 2016 09:41 :: Hugh & Karine
Another brilliant weekend, thanks to Marcia & Raymond for organising once again. Wattie's quiz is always fun as is the company. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

3rd Oct 2016 09:45 :: Marcia & Raymond
Thanks to all for a making it a great weekend and a fine way to end the 2016 season.  The weather stayed dry for Day 1 and Day 2 couldn't have been better for the run west over some great roads & scenery. Thanks to Wattie "the Quiz Master" for another great compilation of questions & I am sure we were all noting the signs on Day 2 as we progressed. Glad that David was OK after his wee "event".

3rd Oct 2016 13:24 :: Eddie and Sandra
Thanks Raymond and Marcia for organising a great run over the weekend.  The roads were great really suited for an mx5.  Hotel and company as usual great and thanks Walter for organising the quiz.  Sweets are great !

3rd Oct 2016 14:28 :: Jim and Maria
Well done Marcia and Raymond for a great weekend. Wattie's quiz was great entertainment  on Saturday night and hotel was excellent again. Thanks to the members for contributing to the success of the run. Happy that Dave's damage didn't appear to be as bad as it could have been.

3rd Oct 2016 16:31 :: Wattie97
Huge thanks to Marcia and Raymond for all their hard work. Another super weekend with great roads. Hotel was superb and company just what we have come to expect from CS crowd.
Sorry we had to leave early. The Fords told us about lunch and that made us even more disappointed.
    Wattie and Janet.
Hope Marcia is feeling better soon.

4th Oct 2016 19:41 :: Carol & Evan
Many thanks to Marcia & Raymond for organising yet another great October WE.Thanks again to Wattie for another fun quiz.
Great MX5 roads & good company.

5th Oct 2016 12:28 :: Steven & Dawn
Huge thank you to Marcia & Raymond for another fabulous weekend. Thoroughly enjoyable company & a had great laugh. Felt sorry for Dave's mishap & hope all is well with the car. Hope Marcia feeling better x

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