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The Slug Run
Sun 11th Sep 2005
organised by Grampian Scotland

Car Count : 6
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Your Comments
11th Sep 2005 11:27 :: alec
cheers chris i got it but too im late to go on slug run

11th Sep 2005 20:46 :: kristoff
Great weather and a great run with a 'kick' in the tail (whatever that means?) Thanks to Andy for organising such a fantastic drive which took us through majestic Royal Deeside.

PS Never mind Alec, there'll be more runs to come.

11th Sep 2005 20:47 :: Mike
Hi dudes,pity i don`t live up they way now,but i remember going the slug road way to banchory many times to but stuff from Deeside motorsport. The piccie third from the left,where`s that taken??? can`t think of anywhere with railings that way....but it has been a long time since i drove that way.

11th Sep 2005 20:55 :: Lorraine
Its on the old coast road into Stonehaven from the south, just beside Dunotter Castle. Yes, thanks to Andy and everyone there for the grand day out. My first and hopefully one of many to come.

11th Sep 2005 21:11 :: andy
yep good day- good food , nice weather and we got to feel L,s bodywork ;)

11th Sep 2005 23:05 :: Mike
Its on the old coast road into Stonehaven from the south, just beside Dunotter Castle.

AH i don`t think i`ve driven on that road for over 12 years. In fact the last time i drove into Stonehaven i tried to go the old way through,up by the commodore hotel(if it still exists) but found it wasn`t possible anymore.

12th Sep 2005 13:18 :: Steve
Paul, I take it was your good lady who took the pics of the back of my car, look really good, if you get the chance, I'd appreciate it if you could email them to me at

18th Sep 2005 18:39 :: alec you have a contact name and number for the guy from callander for a new hood. cheers.

18th Sep 2005 19:53 :: Richard Nicol


5th Apr 2006 20:10 :: dave
hi how do i join

5th Apr 2006 23:35 :: Douglas
Dave...this is an old 2005 event you have left a message on, mail me for details of joining the club.

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