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National Rally Lincolnshire
Sun 17th Sep 2006 to Sun 17th Sep 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 6
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The 2006 National Rally will take place at the Lincolnshire showground on the 17th September 2006.
More details to follow.

Due to an oversight, the return address for the the dinner
booking form which is enclosed with STHT this month (June)was left off. The form and S.A.E should be sent to:

MX-5 Owners Club,
National Rally Lincolnshire,
51 High Street,
NG32 1JA

Menu for evening meal.

Spicy Pumpkin Soup
Breast of Chicken in a Creamy Peppercorn
and Brandy Sauce

Chefs choice of Vegetables
Warm Chocolate Paradise
with Grand Marnier infused Clotted Cream

Trio of Sorbet

Brie, Stilton & Mature Cheddar with Biscuits
Coffee and After Dinner Mints
The vegetarian menu is Button mushrooms with tagliatelle
in a coriander and cream sauce.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Fashion Fever"
5 piece middle of the road band with state of the art sound and light systems.

Also, in 'Car Competitions' please add Best Kept 5 (BK5) for Mk1's, and BK5 for Mk.2/2.5's.

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Your Comments
21st Sep 2006 03:07 :: colin
You had me going there with that opening line !!!!

Thought i'd need the crash helmet on before reading the rest of it.

Looks like a cracking day.

21st Sep 2006 03:57 :: Kevham
Had a great time.  Highlight for me was playing 'pitch dark' frisbee with a self illuminated frisbee.  Several bottled of beer were consumed at the campsite before retiring to the tent at around 2am.  Didn't actually get to sleep until 4am though thanks to the ongoing discussion of some NEM and Eastern Region (they really do have more fun) members. The day itself was as good as any rally I've ever been to but the trade stands were a bit disappointing.  Roll on next year......

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