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Mystery Tour
Sun 21st Aug 2016 to Sun 21st Aug 2016
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Special Agents are required to undertake a mystery run on Sunday 21st August. Any one wishing to participate should note their interest below.
Details of this route are on a need to know basis only.
The initial rendezvous point (in the Inverness area) will be notified by text 24hrs prior to the start of the mission.

Those who have undertaken any adventure training (eg swimming with sharks or combat training etc.)may be at an advantage but the general qualities of driving fast cars and eating lots will be equally useful.

Your mission should you wish to accept it will involve lots of new roads in unfamiliar areas!!!!

Those who have accepted the mission so far:-

(8 cars)

Charles & Gillian (MISSION CONTROL)
Ali & Mandy (MX001)
Wendy (MX002)
Andy & Dorothy (MX003)
Jon & Jane (MX004)
Bobby & Debbie (MX005)
Jimmy & Jill (MX006)
Peter & Kerry & Isla (MX007)

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Your Comments
21st Aug 2016 20:07 :: Debbie & Bobby
A big thanks to chuck and Gill for organising such a fantastic mystery tour!! and to all the other MX00 agents !! they always make it a brilliant day out..

21st Aug 2016 22:23 :: Andy & Dorothy
Its a mystery ..we thoroughly enjoyed the whole day ,and all the missions were completed with aplomb ..thank you Charles & Gillian ...were all back in our boxes ..until next time

23rd Aug 2016 20:28 :: Charles & Gillian
Report now posted.

27th Aug 2016 00:09 :: Ali@Mandy
It was an absolutely fantastic day, We both thoroughly enjoyed it

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