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Tain Car Rally & BBQ
Sun 19th Jun 2016 to Sun 19th Jun 2016
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Tain Classic and Vintage Car Rally    - Sunday 19th June
The Tain Classic and Vintage Car Rally is always a very well supported and organised event and this year was no exception. There was however one thing missing this year and fortunately for us it was the rain.  It actually stayed dry until we were all clear of the event and arrived at the buffet stop.
We had arranged to rendezvous at Kenís Garage, Kildary at 10am.This didnít quite go to plan, apparently there were a lot of cyclists on the road between Kildary and Inverness, but we made it to Tain in time  but not quite in the  date order that Charles would have liked!!
This year the organisers had given us a stand in the corner beside of the main entrances. Once the cars were parked up, the shelter erected and the A-Frame put together, we decided to put the flag stand under Aliís car wheel. He had, unfortunately, disappeared with his car keys (probably looking at Land Rovers!) but we soon discovered that his car wasnít that heavy  - well not when you have the boys from the MX-5 Tug of War Champions in your camp, and the flag was duly erected.
It was a very pleasant day and many people came to have a look at the cars. We met some new members who had joined up at Braemar. We also met the folk who bought Alix & Johnís Mk 1. There were a few other MX-5 s at the show and one owner from Dornoch had joined the Highland Car Club as he hadnít realised there was a local club, he was soon put right on that matter.  As usual there were a lot of people having a really good look at the cars and wondering if they needed more fun in their lives.
Later in the afternoon we received our summons from the organisers to take the cars into the Show Ring to show them off and have a wee chat about the cars with the local announcer. We followed a bunch of tractors into the ring and the compere was obviously from farming stock as he was getting quite excited about these tractors. However the ladies driving some of our cars also fairly caught his eye and he was quite complimentary about the cars too!
After leaving the ring we headed back to the stand, packed away our things and headed back to Kildary for the after show buffet. Gillian had been working hard on this and her efforts were much appreciated as everybody tucked in. The rain had just started to fall so the timing was perfect.  Once the food was eaten and for those who werenít driving the wine and beer started to flow. Normally at this point the topic of conversation reaches new lows and today was no different. Who did pinch the MX-5 Club sign from the showground? Did a burger really cost a tenner at the show? (my son told me it did!) How much would the rather large glass of wine in Mandyís hand have cost the previous night at the Rod Stewart concert and Who was that fox?( sorry Ė you really needed to be there). Oh and by the way - do you know how much stamps cost these days?
Jon & Jane tried to tempt us to a long weekend in Bradford where the ethnic diversity seems amazing (and actually rather scary). In the end we decided that unless you really fancied a good curry and/or a good fightĖ best to give it a miss.
Once all the wine was drunk (so was Mandy - her words not mine) and the beer supplies were getting low it was time for everybody to head home after another enjoyable day.
The good news is we donít have to wait long for the next one as we will be doing it all again on Wednesday as we head out on our Midsummer evening run to Gairloch.

Thanks to everybody who came along and made it a most enjoyable day.

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Your Comments
20th Jun 2016 21:03 :: Charles and Gillian
Thanks to everyone who came along to the show yesterday and made it a very enjoyable day.
The event report has now been posted.

20th Jun 2016 22:53 :: Ali@Mandy
It was a brilliant day finished of with a fantastic spread thanks to the hard work of Gillian
Great company Great day/evening great Club

21st Jun 2016 07:44 :: Wendy
What a brilliant day really enjoyed it and the company as usual, and thank you Gillian for your hard work doing all that lovely food hoy spoilt us rotten. A good laugh all round but the trip to Bradford I really don't think so he he.
See you Wednesday evening

21st Jun 2016 19:31 :: Martin & Sean
Great day not enough time to see all the cars and catch up with old friends thanks to Gillian and Charles and the good banter until next time folks.

22nd Jun 2016 08:55 :: Wendy
What a brilliant day really enjoyed it and the company as usual, and thank you Gillian for your hard work doing all that lovely food hoy spoilt us rotten. A good laugh all round but the trip to Bradford I really don\'t think so he he.
See you Wednesday evening

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