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The Cruachan Run
Sun 26th Jun 2016
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
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The Cruachan Run

Sunday 26th June 2016

The first meeting point for our run up to Cruachan was at Dobbies Garden Centre, Stirling, where Dave, Ali and I, travelling from Dunfermline, joined up with four early arrivals. Jim was chatting to Allan who was joining us for his second run in his smart black Mk3, George and Chris in their silver Mk3 and John with co-driver Bailey, an 8 month old golden retriever in his brand new soul red Mk 4 with only 100 miles on the clock, all on their first run. The weather was dry but a bit dull.

We made our introductions and a chat then Susan arrived and after more chats and the two girls showing off their matching T shirts bought at Braemar, we were ready to set off for Balloch to meet up with another four cars. A pleasant drive to Balloch with roofs down followed and we arrived on time to find two MX-5 parked up but no bodies around. One car belonged to Raymond and Marcia and surprise surprise they were in the cafe having their morning snack. The other car, a copper red Mk3.75, I thought belonged to Irene and Ian but on closer look I saw a familiar mascot in the cabin and checking the number plate I knew it belonged to Evan and Carol. They had bought a low mileage Sport Graphite (332 of 500) the previous week and very smart it looked too.

Alan was next to arrive and shot into the car park in his own inimitable style and started chatting straight away. Last to arrive were Irene and Ian in their copper red Mk3.5. Looking at Ianís and Evanís cars I realised that Evanís car colour was slightly different - a lighter colour. I new that Mazda did not produce a copper red sport graphite so his must have been the Zeal red as only three colours of this limited edition were produced and I had not seen a Zeal red example before. It certainly looked like a copper red until you saw the two cars together.

So colour sorted (Evan didnít know what colour it was but he was more than happy with his new purchase anyway) we were ready to leave for our lunch stop at Inveraray via Loch Lomond, Glen Fruin, Arrocher and the Rest and Be Thankful we set off roofs down. The roads were not too busy and it had stayed dry so we had a spirited run up the side of Loch Long from Faslane to Arrocher on super smooth roads. The guys behind were grateful that I was in front so Ali could warn them when traffic was approaching. Nearing Inveraray the weather started to break down and a light drizzle started but not enough to have to stop to put roofs up. However looking up Loch Fyne it looked pretty wet but we made it to the Inveraray car park (itís free at the top end next to the Coop for those looking to keep motoring costs down) before hoisting the tops.

We wandered into the town and found refuge in the George Hotel where we had a wholesome lunch and good chat before walking down to look at the Vital Spark in the harbour and buy the odd ice cream cone. We set off for Cruachan just after 2pm but it was still wet so it was roofs up all the way. Arriving at the visitor centre, seven of our group had opted for the tour of the power station but had to wait for the 3:30 tour bus, so it into the cafe for further refreshments while they waited. While they were on the tour, the rest of us sat in the cafe for their return so we could all travel homewards together. Alan tried all his charms on the lady in charge to get reduced price drinks while we waited as we had negotiated half price tour tickets, but the lady was not for turning.

After an enjoyable tour we all set off for home in the rain before splitting up at Crianlarich to go our separate ways. It was an enjoyable run and everyone enjoyed what Jim said was a shorter Sunday run than usual.
How come I ended up doing 218 miles from door to door? Not quite as short as I thought!!!


Report by: Drew


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Your Comments
26th Jun 2016 20:16 :: alan
Great day, shame about the weather in the afternoon. but at least we had roofs down all morning. Thanks to Jim and Drew for organising the run.

26th Jun 2016 20:43 :: Marcia & Raymond
Another lovely day out & a shame the dry weather couldn't hold out.  Lovely meal - good recommendation on the steak pie Alan.  Thanks to Drew & Jim for their organisation & planning of the event.

26th Jun 2016 22:05 :: Drew & Ali
Another super run with friends old and new. Thanks everyone for coming along.

27th Jun 2016 07:40 :: Ian and Irene
Enjoyed our first run for ages. Good to catch with everyone. Tour round Cruachan fascinating. Thanks for organisation.

27th Jun 2016 12:51 :: John
First time driving to Inveraray so it was interesting on the road at times. Enjoyed my trip. Bailey the pup sleeping on way home as tired. Intending to go to Lindisfarne

27th Jun 2016 15:43 :: Jim
An enjoyable day out even if the weather was poor in the afternoon. Thanks to those who came along.

27th Jun 2016 19:43 :: Carol & Evan
Thanks to Drew & Jim for organizing the run & trip around the power station. Nice to catch up with every one & meet new members. First run out for our 3.75, really pleased with it.

27th Jun 2016 22:11 :: Susan
Thanks to our trusty organisers for the run yesterday. That road into Arrochar is the business!

28th Jun 2016 19:15 :: George
First run out with the club having just joined a few weeks ago.  Really enjoyed the run, the company and the visit to the power station.  Looking forward to the next one!

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