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The Lindisfarne Run
Sun 10th Jul 2016
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
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The Lindisfarne Run

Sunday 10th July 2016

The gang met up at Tesco Dalkeith on a grey but dry early Sunday morning prior to the run down to Lindisfarne. We were joined by Northern Ireland members, Coleen and David in their white NC RC, who are currently holidaying in Scotland. After a coffee and chat, twelve cars set off for the drive with roofs down on mixture of A and B roads towards Berwick on Tweed and Lindisfarne. Jim and Maria kept up a brisk pace, but as we neared Berwick, the rain started so it was roofs up on the final approach to the island. It was rather wet with lots of walkers on the road with kagools on and brollies up. Jim asked if we should stop prior to the causeway to put our flags up but the decision was made that it was too wet so we carried on. The causeway was also pretty wet - was it salty or fresh? We expected to see Evan & Carol, who were driving up with Tyne Tees in their new Sport Graphite, at the causeway approach, deciding whether to cross or not. You know what Mazda rust proofing is like but we all proceeded on bravely and I made a mental note to pressure wash the underside when I got home.

We arrived at the car park expecting to see the Tyne Tees contingent but we were first to arrive. The usual area at the far end of the car park was still free so we took over this spot to ensure we had sufficient room for the event tents and the rounders area. A few minutes later Tyne Tees arrived with a much larger turnout than usual - approximately 20 cars. They had obviously been doing a lot of arm twisting to get a larger and younger pool of rounders players to make up for the previous years defeats!!

The weather improved allowing the event tents to be quickly raised, barbecues fired up, picnic seats and rugs put down and food and drink consumed. A not so quick walk to the toilets in the village was then a must prior to the rounders.

Now in order to make for a decent game, each team should have at least 10 players and I must admit it was somewhat difficult to get a Scottish team as we only had 19 Scottish attendees and most of them are crocks in one way or another (apologies for any insults) but I final managed to get 5 players - Robert, Grant, Gail, Dave and me. This would make fielding difficult as we need a bowler, back stop 4 stump fielders and a few more out fielders. However due to the large number of English attendees we managed to get another five players to make up 10 per team. (There is no truth in the suggestion that we were given the older, less fit or incapable team additions!!!)

However the game started, and Scotland won the toss and decided to bat first. Despite some formidable batting displays and equally formidable fielding displays where there was a fair bit of sliding about due to the wet grass, we were soon all out without gaining a single home run. The English then went into bat. Although the Scottish bowling was absolutely superb (me!!!) our fielding was somewhat haphazard (did I say previously, crocks and those with divided loyalties) the auld enemy immediately racked up a home run so to all intents and purposes the game was over.

We had to give all the batsmen a go, so we carried on and soon the runs were mounting up, in no small part due to Jamie the young son of Tyne Tees AC Patricia getting 5 himself. (He drove off later in a Peugeot. Should he have been allowed to play?). Some umpire decisions were questioned loudly by the small number of Scottish spectators who thought Jamie was out a couple of times but they were ignored. We decided that enough was enough as the dwindling number of English batsmen were becoming exhausted and the game was stopped with the score England 9, Scotland 0.

Well done England you were better on the day. Ah well, there is always next year.

A quick trip for coffees and ice creams followed and then event tents taken down while it was still dry. A final chat with our Tyne Tees friends, a drive to the loos and then we headed off for our final stop at Peebles for a coffee. The rain stayed off and it was roofs down all the way. The route to Peebles was great and fully tested the car capabilities over quiet windy country roads. I hope you all enjoyed the day out and the drive.

Report by: Drew

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Your Comments
10th Jul 2016 22:47 :: Raymond & Marcia
Thanks to Jim & Drew for leading the runs and Maria & Ali for their narrative to keep us right and informed of road traffic.  Well done \"the Team\" for doing their best - not to be this year though and their star player drove off in a Peugout! Nice to see such a large turn out this year.

11th Jul 2016 13:54 :: John
Well done to all for organising the day. Bailey was ok on way home with one pit stop. Roads very wet near home. Ate his dinner and back to normal.

11th Jul 2016 15:54 :: Dave
Thanks for the day, great company and enjoyed the run around in the field.

11th Jul 2016 19:15 :: Robert Craig
Thanks for a great day, pity about the score.
Robert and lesley

11th Jul 2016 19:33 :: Jim and Maria
Thanks to all the members who attended yesterday and made it a great day out

11th Jul 2016 20:34 :: Carol & Evan
Thanks to TYNE TEES for allowing us to join their convoy up the A1 to Lindisfarne.
Thanks to Dave for giving me a spare beefburger & Ali for the sausage. A special thanks to Ali for surprising me by changing the colour of the mascot I won in the raffle at Ullapool 2 years ago with a colour coordinated one of our new Zeal RED car! Much appreciated.
Thanks to Jim & Drew for organizing the day. We both had a great time.

12th Jul 2016 13:51 :: Drew & Ali
Thanks everyone for a great day out and especially my rounders team who put in a valliant effort. Report added

12th Jul 2016 19:50 :: David & Coleen
Thank you Jim, Drew and all the rest of our new friends from Scotland for making our first run so much fun.  We had a fantastic day.

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