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Scot5 2016
Sun 5th Jun 2016
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 30
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Scot5 2016

Sunday 5th June 2016

Ali and I along with Raymond and Marcia arrived at Dobbies, Stirling early on Sunday morning to be met with a line of MX-5s and eager members waiting for the run up to Braemar to start. Soon even more cars arrived and we eventually had (I think) 29 cars. After a short welcome and introductions I gave briefing, especially as there were a few new people present who had not been on a run before. This included keeping an eye on the car behind you to make sure they new when we were turning of one road on to another. (Not everyone had satnavs but we did hand out written route instructions for passenger/navigators to use).

It was decided that due to the number of cars we would split up into two groups, the first being led by Angus (who had devised the route) and tail end charlie Jim and Maria. I would lead the second group with Raymond and Marcia at the tail. We would leave 10 minutes later with the first half of the run heading to Aberfeldy for a comfort stop via, Dunblane, Braco, Crief and the Smaí Glen.

Angus set off like a greyhound out of the trap with a group of ~14 cars to the first roundabout and promptly the radio came alive from Maria saying that they had lost a number of cars who seemed to be going round the roundabout at least once. This was confused by a couple of late arrivals who were thought to be heading for Dobbies and had confused the group. Jim drove on to the M9 heading north and had only 2 cars in front of him instead of there expected 13. However the group must have realised their mistake and finally made it onto the M9.

We started off ten minutes later to find a confused red Mk1 driver waiting at the Dobbies entrance to join us. My group all made it to the motorway (great bit of leadership there!!!) without mishap and headed off up the M9/A9 to the turnoff for Kinbuck and Braco on super quiet roads. I must admit I was enjoying myself and my wife did prompt me to slow down as there were another 14-15 cars behind me with some newbies who might not be used to a brisk pace. However I did manage to get us all together at Braco (They were not that far behind anyway). Onwards to Crieff and the Sma Glen when the sun came out and a beautiful early summer morning. We started to hear radio traffic from the 1st group before Crieff so we were obviously catching them. They did not have the clear run that we had experienced and eventually caught up with them before Amulree. However this wasnít the whole first group as Angus and a few other cars were speeding ahead to Aberfeldy.

So 25 cars proceeded in convoy for the comfort stop at Aberfeldy and as instructed by Angus at the restart briefing, we headed for the bowling club and turned left to park up. Unfortunately Angusís instruction was not quite accurate - we should have turned right for the toilets. This meant that those with a weakened waterworks had a 1/4 mile walk to the loos (and back again) so our expected 10 minute stop turned into over 30 minutes. In the meantime Angus the Greyhound was off to our meeting point at Glenshee ski lodge.

As we had parked in a small street on both sides of the road with only a single carriageway gap, we did create a mini traffic jam when an old dear in her Nissan Micra met an SUV coming the other way who would not back up. She terror had to reverse but I donít think she had passed this part of her driving test as she was very nervous and started edging towards our cars. Looking at the dents in her car, she obviously had had previous bad experience of reversing. I tried to help her by waving her back, but she stopped, jumped out of the car and said she could I reverse it for her as she could not do it. So I jumped in and helped her out. The twat in the SUV could have pulled into a gap to help her out, but no his vehicle was bigger than hers so he had right of way!

Eventually we all got back into our cars and headed off in convoy for Pitlochry and Glenshee again on super roads, which enabled us to keep up a good pace with Jim and Maria leading. Surprise surprise the greyhound was waiting at Glenshee so this enabled us to head to Braemar in a single convoy. (but not before those with weaker waterworks or had not gone at Aberfeldy made use of the facilities)

Arriving at Braemar show ground you could see lots of MX-5s lined up on the embankment facing the stands and the main arena. It took a while to get us all parked up but thanks to brilliant planning all the cars managed to get parked on the embankment with no spaces left.
The weather was brilliant and we could see 3 event tents, club shop and a catering stand with the welly throwing contest in full swing. Jim and I had our event tents but decided it was too hot to carry them across the arena and set them up so left them in the cars. A number of our group proceeded to walk among the cars on display to view the metal while others went off to find the toilets and get a cup of coffee and cake in the town.

Ali and I had a quick sandwich and drink before finding out what was going on. The funny hat judging was next and Maria was asked to interview the entrants. She did not have to be asked twice and grabbed the microphone and did a great job of chatting to the finalists who had some tremendous hats. The welly trowing final then took place with all four areas taking part and was won by Central

Tug of war was next again with all areas taking part, although I must admit I struggled to get a team of 6 for central. Thanks to all who took part but it was fair to say we lacked technique, muscle and body weight so came last, but a good effort anyway. At least you took part. What happened to all the central folk when I was looking for a team for the rounders? No-one to be found. I hope you will take part at Lindisfarne to maintain our winning record there!! There were eventually 2 entries - Highland and Tayside with a great win by Tayside - 8 runs to 5. Apologies to the irate lady who approached me and said that my judging of the bowling and calling of no ball was biased in favour of Tayside - it was only a fun game but looking at the red faces of the competitors and the effort they put in, you might not believe this.

Apologies for not naming the winners of events but I did not have a pen!!!

It was a great day and I hope ultimately successful - I know that several people were talking about making it an annual event. I am sure Iain Fleming (running the club shop) willed us know eventually.

Thanks to Angus the greyhound for the route, all those who kept everyone together on the run,  everyone who joined in on events and hope you all had a safe and great journey home.


Report by: Drew

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Your Comments
5th Jun 2016 20:36 :: Chris
What a fantastic day, weather could not have been better.  My first time driving the A93, will be doing that again soon, lovely scenery and fun roads.  Thank you Angus for organising the run.

5th Jun 2016 21:11 :: Robert Craig
Thanks Angus, great run lovely scenery and great to see everyone
Robert and lesley

5th Jun 2016 21:23 :: Glenys Penman
1st run with the club, enjoyed the spirited drive! Back home safe & sound, both car and I puffed out, had a great day.
Lovely weather & scenery, thanks to all who organised the event. 😎

5th Jun 2016 21:42 :: Neil
Great day, thank you to everyone who made Lorraine and I welcome on our first trip🎌

5th Jun 2016 22:24 :: Marcia & Raymond
Thanks to Angus for the choice of great roads up to the venue.  And thanks also to all the others who made this event happen, making for an enjoyable day out

6th Jun 2016 08:12 :: Steven & Dawn
Big thanks to Angus for sorting a superb choice of route up to Braemar. Thanks to Drew & Ali for the lead up with team 2. Weather fantastic & also a great turn out. Welcome to the Newbies & hope to see you again on another run. All in all & great day out up North

6th Jun 2016 08:48 :: Bobbie & Richard
Thanks Angus for great roads and for organising such fantastic weather.  Enjoyable day and good company as usual

6th Jun 2016 13:28 :: Susan
What an amazing day it was yesterday! Breathtaking scenery, fab roads and great company. Thanks Angus for heading the pack, and to all of the other organisers 😎

6th Jun 2016 13:35 :: Wattie97
Smashing roads and super weather. Well done Angus a really good run  A great turn out and enjoyable afternoon at Braemar. All in all a perfect day out.

6th Jun 2016 13:39 :: Jim and Maria
Thanks to Angus for organising yesterdays run and also to Iain Fleming and his helpers for making the event a great day out.

6th Jun 2016 15:06 :: Steven
Thanks to all involved in organizing yesterdays run & event.
What a wonderful drive up, both me & "Wee Maz" (black Eunos) enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

6th Jun 2016 15:45 :: Allan Learmonth
Thanks all for a great drive and day out at Braemar.

6th Jun 2016 17:50 :: Drew & Ali
Thanks everyone for making it a great day. I have added a roundup of the day as I saw it.

6th Jun 2016 20:22 :: Tom and Anne
Thanks to everyone involved in organising the run to Braemar.
Perfect MX5 weather and the location made you appreciate what a lovely country we live in.

7th Jun 2016 16:43 :: Scott & Minda
thanks for the run guys. It was Mindas first and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. I hadn't told her about the welly throwing in advance : )

8th Jun 2016 19:39 :: Sandy, Wendy
Thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Braemar - a first for us and what a venue!
Great weather, nice people and some fantastic scenery.
Well done to the organisers.

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