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The Fish n' Chip Run
Sun 13th Mar 2016
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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The Fish n' Chip Run

Sunday 13th March 2016

When we arrived at the Falkirk Wheel many of our friends had went to the cafť for some yummy scones prior to the run. The weather was good for our first run of the year. It was also good to meet some new members on their first run and some old friends who we have not seen for a few months. After the Ďgroup hugí Jimís explanation and the organisation of the new members, off we went 20 cars. A brilliant turn out for the first run.

We headed out of the car park towards Bonnybridge, we did not see any U.F.Oís as there are usually approximately 300 sightings per year in this area. We then meandered along the B803 through the country side behind a tractor and a few Sunday drivers but once we left them behind we then could enjoy the road MX5 style.

As it was quite a dull day the Black Loch was definitely black as we passed. We also encountered some lovely country smells as we passed some farms. We now were heading up to Bathgate [encountering a few sleeping police men] passing where Bangour Village Hospital was, it felt quite eerie there. We then headed to Dobbies at Livingston for refreshments and a comfort stop. Big thanks to Sandra for treating us to free refreshment. Saying no more !!!!

We then left Dobbies in small groups as the roundabouts and roads were busy, making our way to the village of Dechmont to then head for Linlithgow taking in some stunning views. We skimmed the top of Linlithgow heading towards Beecraigs Country Park, passing Cairnpapple and the Scottish Korean War Monument. We then began to climb and saw more fantastic views of Bathgate and the surrounding areas. We then turned onto the B792 towards Torphichen the intention was to head for Muiravonside Country Park along the B825 passing under the magnificent Avon Viaduct and passing the Old Linlithgow Bridge Inn. However, Jim had driven the route on Friday and the Avon Gorge was open but today it was closed.

Here we changed the route and headed towards Linlithgow, unfortunately we lost three cars but due to modern technology we were in touch and said we would meet them at Bennie Tís. We regrouped then turned left towards Nether Kinneil bringing us onto our last stage of our journey. We saw some spectacular sights of the Firth of Forth and a birdís eye view of B.P. and Ineos Chemical plants. We then descended onto Wholeflats road heading towards Bennie Tís.

After our Whale and chips we held our raffle and collected an amazing £130 towards our chosen charity. The cars were a wonderful sight for our fellow diners as we all said our goodbyes. Another wonderful day was had by new and old MX5 friends. Looking forward to our next run and to our new members Haste ye Back!

Report by: Maria

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Your Comments
13th Mar 2016 19:39 :: Bobbie & Richard
Thanks Jim & Maria for a great start to the year. Fab fish & chips. Good company. Looking forward to Easter now.

13th Mar 2016 19:58 :: Karine & Hugh
Great run and lovely fish and chips,great to see everyone again. Thanks Maria and Jim.

13th Mar 2016 20:26 :: Drew & Ali
A fine start to the year, and a great turnout. Probably didn't even need the heated seats on. Thanks Jim and Maria.

13th Mar 2016 20:50 :: Robert craig
Glad I decided to leave work early and come along.  Great day

13th Mar 2016 21:10 :: Raymond & marcia
A great first run & a nice meal at the end of it. many thanks to Maria & Jim for organising it. Here's hoping the weather is as good over the Easter weekend.

13th Mar 2016 21:43 :: Margaret & David
Had a nice day good company and good food, thanks Zjim and Maria.

14th Mar 2016 07:22 :: Angus
Great start to the MX5 driving year

14th Mar 2016 09:55 :: Charlie & Netta
First run out with the Club and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
A sincere hanks to Maria & Jim for the organisation.

14th Mar 2016 10:19 :: Eddie & Sandra
Thanks Jim and Maria for organising a great run    Again Bennie Ts was excellent.  Looking forward to meeting up again soon

14th Mar 2016 16:42 :: Susan
Great start to the 2016 driving season (although mind me not to follow Robert again haha!). Big thanks to Maria and Jim from Jill and I :-)

14th Mar 2016 17:33 :: wattie97
great start to 2016 and the weather gods were kind.Well done Fordies a super day out.

14th Mar 2016 18:43 :: Steven & Dawn
Thanks to Jim & Maria for a lovely day out in Central Scotland. Weather, company & food at Bennies was great. Thanks to all that attended & made it a fun day out.

14th Mar 2016 20:07 :: Brez
Thanks to Jim and Maria for arranging and to all who was there, i really enjoyed my 1st run.

15th Mar 2016 11:56 :: Gordon &Moira
Thanks again to Maria & Jim for another great run & to Robert for the interesting mini run.Gordon sends thanks for his card & birthday wishes. Now enjoying a few days r&r in Dunkeld.

31st Mar 2016 16:36 :: Allan Milven
Thanks for a great start to our first run out great drive great company thanks to Maria & Jim

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