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Pub Meet
Thu 4th Aug 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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The main purpose of this venue for our Pub meet was to encourage our Ayrshire members to get together and also help promote Shaun's imminent Portpatrick Run.
The mini Run to the car park in the sky was a non starter due to the poor weather and low visibility, this view point can only be appreciated in clearer conditions.
Shaun gave us all an insight into Sunday's Run and managed to sell a few raffle tickets to the few members that wouldn't be able to manage.
It was great to meet some of the new people and put faces to the Forum names. Respect to Tom for travelling all the way down from Kinross, true dedication indeed.
Strangely for this type of Pub the doors were closing at 10pm so afterwards and as per usual, the meeting continued in the car park; where we discussed the merits of the three Mk-1 cars fitted with Jackson Racing Superchargers.
Our Pub meets continue to be successful and popular (15 cars tonight) and as new member June pointed out, she now feels happier turning up for the Portpatrick Run, knowing she has met some of the regular faces.


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Your Comments
5th Aug 2005 19:11 :: June
Was great meeting everyone last night and trying to remember all the names! Looking forward to the run on Sunday!

5th Aug 2005 23:32 :: Douglas
Was a good meet last night even the chef's sneaked out to admire the cars, I don't know who the tinker in the dirty ovvies was, although his motor was pretty cool. LOL

5th Aug 2005 23:41 :: richard
Thanks to everyone for not commenting on my late arrival, and to June and Fee for escorting me back to civilisation.

Trust Shaun to flog me raffle tickets just because I had a prior engagement so couldn't make it to Portpatrick, I hope you'all have a great day

6th Aug 2005 21:33 :: Fee
I've got to get me one of those supercharger thingies - Richard left me for dust after Langbank roundabout!

7th Aug 2005 23:02 :: Phil
"Supercharger thingies", I take it thats a technical term. !!!!!

8th Aug 2005 00:03 :: Si
THREE JRSC's???? How common ;-)

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