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The Three P's Run.
Sun 7th Aug 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 13
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A few months ago at one of our Pub meets, I hinted heavily at Shaun about organising an Ayrshire Event, although what I had in mind was for next years programme, so it was a bit of a surprise when he came back to me a week later with the idea of an impromptu run, this was ideal as it would fill a gap in our programme before the Callander Classics Event. But after listening to Shaun?s plans for the Run I thought? Impromptu means improvised or without preparation, we can?t call this an impromptu run, no way, it just so happens that as part of the preparation and planning Shaun had already come up with the name ?The 3P?s Run? ?Portpatrick, Picnic and Putting.?
So Thirteen Picnickers set off from Burns Cottage all prepared for a day that promised something different, and we were not to be disappointed, a lovely drive down the Ayrshire coast through Girvan and stopping briefly at Ballantrae, before arriving at Portpatrick Harbour. Shaun had fixed it with the Harbour-Master for us to get all the cars on the Pier and use the grass and rock area for our picnic. After Lunch the weather just seemed to get better and better and the putting competition saw a few burnt faces at the end. Best score of the day went to David Lodge who picked up the trophy. Our raffle proceeds were presented to Robert Erskine the Coxswain of the Portpatrick Lifeboat, who accepted the donation on behalf of the Lifeboat Society.
We soon headed off and made our way through one of God?s gifts to Dumfries and Galloway, otherwise known as ?The Galloway Forrest Park?. A nice touch towards the end of the homeward journey was when going through Dalmellington, Mary?s dad came out of his house to wave to all the cars, and of course Shaun had notified us on the radio just before we approached, so we were all able to give a warm and friendly acknowledgement back.
Before long we were at the end point of the run just outside Ayr, where we thanked Shaun and Mary for their well organised event, a  fantastic day was had by all, impromptu it wasn?t, different it certainly was.


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Your Comments
7th Aug 2005 18:50 :: Gordon & Janice
First home I think, so I'll get in first. Congratulations to Shaun for all his hard work in organising a superb run.
The Ayrshire coastline was beautiful in the sunshine and Portpatrick was an ideal destination.
Sorry we missed the putting championship but we wanted to explore a bit instead.

7th Aug 2005 19:07 :: Douglas
Well done Shaun in organising your first Run, first of many I hope. A slightly different kind of day than normal, and one which was a total success, blessed by glorious weather, you just can't ask for more.
Big thanks to Mary for helping both on the day and with the organising. 

7th Aug 2005 20:41 :: Davie L
Well Done Shaun and Mary, a brilliant day out with all the right ingredients. We had a great time, thanks.

7th Aug 2005 21:24 :: June
Paul & I had a fab day!
I've got 2 pink arms and a bit of a pink neck! (suncream was in the boot!)
Absolutely loved the wee bendy winding roads!
Thanks Shaun & Mary for a great time & to everyone else for making it such a fab day!

7th Aug 2005 21:47 :: Thomas1964
Pink faced, but very happy. Thanks for organising a great day Shaun & Mary.
Well worth the 550km(what was the conversion, Shaun) round trip.
Stephannie loved it and is looking forward to another.  Tom & stephannie.

7th Aug 2005 21:48 :: June
Hope you like the piccies guys?! Only have one I can't upload coz it's too big! How do I reduce the size? (Can't believe I uploaded any coz this is my first time doing it!)

7th Aug 2005 22:59 :: Phil
Great day, great roads, great weather, my putting not so good.  Thanks for organising the run.

Phil (Nae Pals).

8th Aug 2005 10:09 :: stratos_blue
Looked like a great run in glorious weather too , work interfering with my fun time again ...Grrrrr !!!

8th Aug 2005 10:24 :: johnf
Thanks Shaun & Mary .We've lived in Ayrshire for 27 years and I don't think I have seen the coast looking as splendid. 200 miles from house to house in sunshine with the top down all the way-ye cannie beat it. Do Mxparts. co sell designer MX sunscreen for baldies like putting supremo Davie Lodge-he was a bit pink up top by the end ? Thanks for the raffle prize and good to see that we raised ?50 for the RNLI .

JOhn and Margaret

8th Aug 2005 12:38 :: chic and heather
Thanks to Shaun and Mary for an excellent day out - nice to see Sandy maintaining the "Paisley standards"..wins a bottle of whisky and bu....s off. Great day and great location 

8th Aug 2005 12:44 :: lochpark
Thanks to everyone who came along, especially those from the east, who as Thomas pointed out had travelled exceptional distances over the day to support the run.

I would also note my thanks to Douglas for his support when organinsing my first run and for "acting" as tail end charlie. My sincere thanks for the generosity of not only those who attended the run but also the people who bought a raffle ticket at the Pub Meet on Thursday to support the Lifeboats

I really enjoyed the day, great weather and good company made for an execllent day out.

Tom, answer to your question - divide by 8 then multiply by 5 = 343.75 miles.

8th Aug 2005 15:21 :: sandy
I agree with all comments - great run Shaun. Sorry I didn't make it back but got tied up with the friends I went to see. Chic you didn't really expect me to pick the warning triangle - did you?

8th Aug 2005 19:18 :: June
Great pictures - whoever took them!
What's wrong with a warning triangle, Sandy?

8th Aug 2005 19:32 :: lochpark
It's a bit of a standing joke with this lot, especially as you own a Mazda and they don't break down, do they ?

I have generally put one into the raffle at each run this year as well as supplying the trip to Holland with one each.

So just ignore them, you chose the right prize, don't let them wind you up.

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