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Tain Car Rally & BBQ
Sun 21st Jun 2015 to Sun 21st Jun 2015
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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The Tain Classic Car Rally is well known for two different reasons. Firstly it is a very popular and well organised event, and secondly – it always rains. This year was to be no exception on either counts!

A quick run down to the event field on Sunday morning showed that the organisers had given us a generous amount of space for the twelve cars we had booked. Here was a good opportunity to get all the toys out of the box and put on a really good display. However I do find it extremely odd that absolutely none of the club promotional merchandise actually fits into the boot of a mark 3 MX5. Thankfully Peter was going solo to the event so his passenger seat space was soon filled with flags, banners and the shelter (which we would all become very thankful for as the day progressed!)

We had arranged to meet up with everybody at Ken’s Garage in Kildary. We left home with roofs down, but as we approached Kildary the Monsoon broke (you can’t call that just rain!). Very soon other cars also came scampering in off of the A9 looking for shelter to get the roofs back up. I had great intentions of organising the cars into date order, but the conditions simply didn’t allow for that. Quickly the entry numbers and display sheets were distributed. We were one member short as we left Kildary, but had gained two non members into our convoy for the short trip to Tain.

Entry into the show was quite simple with lots of marshals checking our entry number then pointing us to the direction of our stand. They all seemed to be aware that there were 12 cars coming for our stand, thankfully none of them could actually count. There was plenty space as we quickly arranged the cars across our nice big area. We then set about erecting the flags, display boards and shelter. By the start of the show, and thanks to everybody’s efforts we had a really good looking stand which was already attracting interest.

From the very beginning we had a constant flow of MX5 owners who were very interested in the club’s activities and what we could offer them locally. The major advantage of these events is that existing car owners could clearly see we had all ages/marks of MX5 on display, but more importantly they could see the types of people that were already in the club. Our local members are our greatest asset and you could clearly see that people moved very quickly from ‘tentative interest’ to ‘what are you doing next? and can we come along?’. We also managed to meet with a number of members whom we had not actually met before. It was also just really nice having some time to catch up with everybody on the stand – which is often difficult to do on our normal events.

Although the weather wasn’t too bad for the first part of the show, it did seem to deteriorate as the afternoon went on. Around 3pm (and the day had passed particularly quickly) we opted to take the stand down and make our departure. Again many hands made light (if not soggy) work and the club promotional items were taken down. Despite the heavy rain the surface remained firm, and as we joined a long queue of traffic heading out we saw no instances where vehicles were struggling in the conditions.

As a wee thank you for our members we laid on some refreshments back at the house. Originally the plan had been to do a barbecue, but as the moat around the house continued to increase in size – this quickly became an indoor buffet. It was a good way to thank everybody for their efforts for making the day such a success, and more importantly we couldn’t have an event without a meal at some point!!!

I intend to write a letter to the organisers to congratulate them on running an excellent event. However I may suggest that their ringside interviewer should possess either a good knowledge of cars and/or a sense of humour. Unfortunately this year’s example had neither attributes.

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Your Comments
21st Jun 2015 20:58 :: Chuck & Gill
A very big thank you to everybody who came along today. Despite the weather we had a great turnout. We especially appreciated everybody mucking in to both assemble and disassemble the stand. 13 cars was a tremendous turnout and would be amazed if we don't have a number of new members after today. Certainly think we should consider doing this one again next year.

22nd Jun 2015 08:31 :: Bobby & Shane
A brilliant day though at times a wee bit a damp !!!
A big thanks to Chuck & Gill for organising the day and for the lovely spread back at thier house that really rounded of the day superbly.👍

22nd Jun 2015 12:30 :: Alix and John
Thank you to all yesterday, we had a brilliant time and look forward to the next meeting.  Alix already has the thermos's ready in the bag and is planning the biscuits ;)  We have now joined the club officially. Thank you again :D

22nd Jun 2015 21:41 :: Andy & Dorothy
Great day yesterday with the rain in Tain!  Lovely to see new faces in the club.
Thanks again to Gill and Chuck for the "indoor buffet" it wouldn't be a Hi-5 event without food and drink.  Totally agree that this event should be repeated next year. Thanks Andy & Dorothy

22nd Jun 2015 23:07 :: ali locke
Really enjoyable day dispite the rain
Thanks to Chuck and Gillian for all the organising , printing out car profiles  and  a lovely buffet at the end of the day
Well done!

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