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Summer Tech Day
Sat 9th Jul 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
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Our First Summer Technical Day, as requested by members. why not come along and get some help doing those not so major maintenance tasks you wished you had done earlier in the year.


Bring-along-a-Lunch for the traditional tech day BBQ.

Places are limited, normal booking procedures apply, mail me if you would like to attend.

Meet at Stirling Services, 10.30 for 10.45.


People who have contacted me so far...
Stella & Nigel.

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Your Comments
9th Jul 2005 20:01 :: lochpark
Firstly thanks to Richard and Eileen for the excellent hospitality, great day, great weather and great company.

Had a good run back to Glasgow too following Douglas and for at least part of the way Phil down the A81.

9th Jul 2005 21:05 :: Tom
Fantastic day in very good company, thanks to Richard & Eileen for being great hosts. Just waiting till it gets dark now!!!

p.s. Does anyone else's scalp feel like it's on fire?

9th Jul 2005 21:38 :: lochpark
Maybe wasn't so smart to visit the hairdresser on the way through this morning.

Scalp's fine but my forehead and nose are a bit pink

9th Jul 2005 22:04 :: Phil
Thanks to Eileen for the hospitality and Richard for taking the P*** (only joking).  Had a good run back until I got to the Erskine bridge, bit of a queue as the police were handcuffing and arresting a driver of a car. !!!!!!

9th Jul 2005 22:58 :: Heather
Strange light visible in the northern sky... Tom? Thanks very much to everyone for all their help. A very enjoyable day & great company. Big thanks to Richard/Sean/Douglas from Tracy.

10th Jul 2005 12:45 :: Jill
Fab day, as was expected.  Excellent hosts (well, Eileen!!) and great company.  Thanks to everyone.


10th Jul 2005 18:14 :: Crinklies
Tom, can I make you an offer you can't refuse for your new lights (to match our nice new rear ones!) Magic day, excellent company, next time I'll see if I can squeeze Nigel into a pair of overalls. No doubt Tracy or Heather will lend him a pair of those nice blue gloves, so his nails don't get dirty! 

Thanks to Richard and Eileen, please can we come again?!

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