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Technical Day
Sun 21st Nov 2004
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 12
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Our second Technical day of the year and slightly different this time, as the Club has arranged for a discounted price for 4-wheel alignment with the Dreadnought Garage in Callander. The day would then be split between the TVR Garage and our usual venue at Richard & Eileen?s, places for the alignment check were limited to six, as a full adjustment could take up to an hour. We also arranged for one of the Dent removing companies to come along and pull out dings for those that needed it.

Historically Technical days have seldom had more than twelve cars in attendance, so it did get to the worrying stage when a few weeks before the event sixteen names had signed up, all keen and some more than others with a list of jobs to attend to, it was therefore with safety reasons foremost in mind when we decided to close the list and declare a full house, subsequently and for the same reasons the dent pulling company was also put on hold.

By the eve of the Tech day six owners had pulled out for various reasons so realistically most in attendance would be able to tear up their lists by the end of the day. Sunday dawned and as I had the early appointment for wheel alignment, this meant being in Callander for 9.00am. Up at 6.30, quick look out the window to see that the previous nights frost had been replaced by rain, good the roads will be fine, but hold on that wet road looks really shiny?oh oh black ice, this will be fun...not.
Cautiously I made my way onto the motorway and headed for Callander, an uneventful journey apart from a bit of slush near Doune. The same could not be said for Gavin who had had a 50mph ice skating experience which involved a full circle spin not far from the Kincardine Bridge, when he walked into the Garage at 10.00 he was still physically shaking.
Over the course of the day everyone had the alignment done with little problems encountered, most have since reported much better handling and cornering. A bonus for the six getting wheel alignment done, was watching and speaking to Brian Luti the Garage owner, working on one of the sixty two V8 Mustang engines he was modifying for Rover, more from Graeme on this later.
Back at Richards and everyone was getting on with some of the jobs needing done, such as? window winder mechanisms, repeater indicators, washer jets, locking wheel nuts and drains unblocked.
After the BBQ lunch in the rain, with most of us huddled under a king size sun brolly, we said farewell to Mark who was heading back to Stonehaven and Mike to Blairgowrie. It was then on with the work and the fitting of a chrome mesh grille to Chic & Heathers car, which was done in surprisingly quick time, considering the car had to be jacked up to fit the awkward nuts and bolts, not to mention the welded on lower bracket that, without care would surely scratch the paintwork.

All in all it had been a successful day, everyone went home reasonably happy and what looked like it might have been the busiest tech day ever, turned out to be one of the quietest not to mention coldest. Many thanks to Richard & Eileen for once again hosting this event.


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Your Comments
21st Nov 2004 03:05 :: Graeme
I've just had a call from Richard. The area around Callander is icy and his yard is currently treacherous. However, he is confident that it will be fine in an hour or so (10am) and the Tech Day [b]will[/b] be going ahead.
Please take care on your way to the Tech Day and don't try to do it in a hurry.

Keep safe - remember the dents people aren't coming!!.

22nd Nov 2004 19:51 :: Simon
Anything interesting happen/get fixed?

22nd Nov 2004 21:10 :: Graeme
It was a horrible cold day. 6 cars had alignments done. The rest were window runners and the longest grille change in history. The time spent talking to Brian Luti was worth the visit alone.

27th Nov 2004 09:15 :: chic
Might have been a long grille change but at least it is the right way up not like a certain roof that required alteration..It was not that long and only took 3 people with only a small amount of blood spilled.

1st Dec 2004 18:47 :: Liz
First tech day- will bring skates next time :-) Very helpful info & soon as stop working 7days and have car at home in daylight (Fri I hope!), now look forward to using guidance to do indicators etc (instead of dreading dealing with them!) Cheers

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