ND Mk4 Gearbox Many Versions

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ND Mk4 Gearbox Many Versions

Postby drumtochty » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:02 pm

There now appear to be 4 versions of the ND gearbox and the thoughts are that if you have a problem and your box is changed, you may not get the latest version.

Version 1 the original design.

Version 2 and 3 to cure 2nd 3rd gear problems

Version 4 to sort the 1st 2nd gear change problem used in production from Nov 2017

The latest version is for cars that have a problem getting into 1st gear.

One poster has asked Mazda UK if they will extend the warranty on his car re the gearbox problem.

The Mazda UK person said they did not know about the box problems and denied the technical services bulletin issued by Mazda Japan existed.

Mazda UK said if he wants the warranty extended he can buy an extended warranty.

The user asked why he should pay to extend the warranty to cover a design defect. No constructive answer was forthcoming from Mazda UK
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Re: ND Mk4 Gearbox Many Versions

Postby IanH » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:50 pm

A lot of concern on the interwebs both in the US and here around this, however number of verified actual failures determinable from the background noise is pretty small so far and we're 2 years in to the ND's life. Mainly failures seem to be around early 2.0's and often involved in some kind of motorsports related activity.

I've not seen one verified failure globally on the 1.5, a couple of vague, 'I've heard of...'

Not to say that at some point in their lifespan there may not be further failures on earlier cars, I'm at 17,000 miles now and still one of the smoothest gearboxes I've driven.
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Re: ND Mk4 Gearbox Many Versions

Postby Enjay » Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:19 pm

drumtochty wrote:Version 4 to sort the 1st 2nd gear change problem used in production from Nov 2017

Hmmm... I have found the 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 1st change in my car to be a bit rougher than I would expect/want in the otherwise smooth gearbox. Perhaps I'm experiencing this problem? Sounds possible in a March 2017 car.
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