Suspension, exhaust and strut brace needed?

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Suspension, exhaust and strut brace needed?

Postby greenhornet » Mon May 18, 2015 9:41 pm

Hello all,

I'm driving down to MX5 restorer within the next month for an assessment of the car I've purchased.

I'd like to change the suspension (which at the moment feels soft).
Budget is £500.00
what setup (coilover?) would someone suggest. More for long touring using A and B Class roads and at times driving the car hard around corners.

Stailness steel from downpipe givng a fruity roar. Nothing too boy racer but nice grunt on the low revs. Worthwhile purchasing a stainless downpipe and what benefits does it give?

Strut brace.
Engine cosmetic or genuine use? Should I look at chassis brace (under car)?

Good grip in wet but good fuel economy required. Less db from the road preferred.
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