Fitting 6x9 speakers

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Fitting 6x9 speakers

Postby filgreen » Tue Mar 07, 2006 7:24 pm

I've just been reading through all the old posts and came across one regarding upgrading speakers to improve audio quality..

I was surprised to see that no-one suggested binning the tiny speakers in the headrests and fitting 6x9s in the parcel shelf, I've just done it to my son's Roadster (first, in case I made a cods of it) and then my wifes'.

First time took about 3 hours, second time 2.

This has to be the easiest way to get a HUGE improvement in sound quality in a Eunos/MX5, a pair of 6x9s (I used Sony) should cost around ?30, the only other outlay is for crimp connectors.

The place to fit them is on the "parcel shelf" behind the seats, lift up the carpet on the decking, remove the obvious panel that sits on top and down the front of the rear bulkhead (lots of 10mm bolts) you have to take off the brace bar and seat belt mounts and trims to get at it.

Once you remove the panel you will see two large spaces at either side of the petrol tank, this is where the speakers will fit after you cut suitable holes with tin snips in the panel you've removed, as far outboard as possible otherwise the speaker magnets foul the fuel tank cover.

Run the speaker cables under the carpets to the socket for the headrest speakers under the drivers seat, cut the cables between the plug/socket and the h/r speakers, connect these wires to your 6x9s (remember to disconnect the passenger seat h/r speakers I didn't and took ages to work out what the funny buzzing noise was when I'd finished and turned the volume up. It was the H/R speakers lunching themselves).

Replace the panel (don't know what it's called-but it's thin and easy to cut).

Cut suitable holes in the decking carpet and screw the speakers thru the carpet to the re-installed panel.

If I could figure out how to put a picture here ther would be one of the finished install (but I can't! Can someone enlighten me?), but if you look here you can see it.

Believe me it makes a massive difference, the hard top is on at the moment but I expect equally impressive performance when thetop is down.

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Postby MichaelG » Tue Mar 07, 2006 9:12 pm

I go on a website called!

What they all say is the best way to get the most out of the space available is......Components.

It is a small 17cm speaker and a tweeter. The great thing about this set-up is a small amp that come with them.
The speaker amp is used to separate the tone of the music and the bass, passing the tone and high notes to the tweeter,
while moving the bass notes to the larger 17cm speaker.

I have considered putting 6x9s in the Headrests before and running them to an amp so that I can manipulate the amount
of sound passing to them. There?s a lot of different ways of improving the sound quality in your roadster. The problem that
most people have is when the top drops, those newly installed 6x9s go out the window.

I was reading about a guy with a Mk1 that has tried LOADS of different ways to get a good system. He?s tried the sub in
the passenger foot rest and loads more. The one that he says in the best is having Bass Shakers, standard in some models,
and plug them up to an amp. He was running Acura Pro Bass Shakers to a 1600watt amplifier and said they could push the
glasses off the end of his nose :lol:
He had components in the doors and 6x9s in the headrests

Ok that?s my novel over.....

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Re: Fitting 6x9 speakers

Postby Si » Tue Mar 07, 2006 9:57 pm

filgreen wrote:I was surprised to see that no-one suggested binning the tiny speakers in the headrests and fitting 6x9s in the parcel shelf, I've just done it to my son's Roadster (first, in case I made a cods of it) and then my wifes'. ... hlight=6x9

Unfortunately I've had to remove them because of the new roll bar, but the JBL GTO components are a good (but not great) substitute.

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