MGTF to MX5 in Helensburgh

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MGTF to MX5 in Helensburgh

Postby jamiep » Wed Dec 31, 2014 6:56 pm

Hello all, we have recently purchased an '06 Mk3 1.8 in Winning Blue. Great time of the year to buy a convertible! The car was last on the road around Dunbar/Fife, and the service history says it was well looked after with a low mileage - someone's summertime toy I think.

I've been driving a modified Trophy Blue 1.6 MGTF since 2010, and was active in both the MGCC and communities. We managed to clock up almost 50k miles of trouble-free motoring before a mysterious overheating problem became uneconomical to repair. Apart from that, and despite reputation, it was a rock-solid wee car which has taken us to Italy and Switzerland without missing a beat, and will be sorely missed. The car had been 'stage 1' modified from stock 115bhp base model with induction, exhaust and remap, as well as innumerable cosmetic and non-performance upgrades bringing it as close as possible to the higher 135/160 spec models. So from this...

8th Aug - 11b.jpg

To this! Colour was clearly a selling point for us... can't think why :?


We've replaced with an MX5, mainly for pragmatic reasons - tempting as it was to choose another TF, maintenance costs and parts availability is always a worry, so we thought it was time to 'upgrade'. I've only done around 60 miles since purchase but have so far been impressed with what we have got for our money - the level of comfort and trim quality in particular feel far superior to the MG. I do prefer the dynamic rake of the TF's body, but the MX5 lines are growing on me - to be fair I've barely seen the 5 in daylight yet!

Time will tell whether the FR layout will match the midship for handling and quickness, but at least I'm qualified to comment and looking forward to the comparison on my local 'test tracks' in better weather. I am, of course, already considering what to modify....

Best wishes to you all, and have a great Hogmanay!

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Re: MGTF to MX5 in Helensburgh

Postby drumtochty » Wed Dec 31, 2014 9:38 pm

Welcome to the forum Jamie.

Yes the cylinderhead on the K Type is a bit like chassis rails on an MX5 MK2.

A bit expensive to repair and the lack of new hydragas units does not help so in time a changeover to normal springs etc.

Hope you enjoy your MX5.

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Re: MGTF to MX5 in Helensburgh

Postby BoabG » Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:48 pm

Hi and welcome to the world of 5 8)
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Re: MGTF to MX5 in Helensburgh

Postby jamiep » Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:49 pm

Thankyou for the welcome!

The recent awful weather has highlighted a need to have the hood re-proofed....
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Re: MGTF to MX5 in Helensburgh

Postby OldSpice » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:11 pm

Nowt a lot wrong with the poor old MGs..if you got the HG sorted with the tougher Land Rover item and did the "Move the Thermostat" tweak.
Lovely Winning Blue Jamie.
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