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Postby Rick and Julie » Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:17 am

I have sent messages out on Cruzline and they have not been forwarded to all members. If the persons not willing to forward messages contact me I will remove them from the list as they are
preventing people who want the messages from receiving them, I am sure they would not want to be that selfish.
A run was hoped for today Sunday but as messages did not get round yesterday we have no idea if anyone wanted to go. I have done all I can the rest is down to you.
We will be heading North on the coast road via Jonhshaven and Stonehaven, then Slug Road and Strathdon (Connely Land)
:cry: Julie
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Re: Cruzline

Postby drumtochty » Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:50 pm

Sorry Julie

I have let my mobile run out of charge!

I would both have forwarded and come on the run!

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Re: Cruzline

Postby slartibartfast » Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:14 pm


I guess it needs a few trial runs to iron out the "kinks". It would be handy to get details of every "Cruizers" name and number so we can update our contact lists. I got a text and passed it on to my nominated 2 contacts but I have no idea who sent me the text as I only have the number.

I have a Windows Mobile PDA s annoyingly it won't let me "forward" a text. I have a way round it but its a pain. I guess others may have "issues"

The Cruizers also have a copy of who is sending to who and who is on which mobile number.
If you initiate a new message you show your name on the bottom. When you receive the message you add your own name when you forward it

This doesn't look a good mechanism to ask questions or "replying" so am I right in saying this will work best with specifics. e.g. Meet at xxxx on dd/mm/yy @ hh:mm to go on a run to yyyyy ?

Other thoughts
Unless this a last minute thing (in which case many people may be busy) is the forum or email mayby still the best option with TEXT being a backup ?. I get emails direct to my mobile and I can access the forum but I don't know how many other people do.

I guess a lot of people check the forum regulalrly so with at lat 24 hors notice a post should catch many people, especially if it is an existing thread and you get an email to advise whn a new post has been added.

Only suggestions folks :)
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Re: Cruzline

Postby crian » Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:42 pm

Hi Julie!
I'm sorry to see things are proving a wee bit troublesome! Today I decided to go to Turnberry for the spa & relaxation experience- (great run down sun- etc) upon finally emerging- found txt message- but as I could'nt rember contact nos- decided to leave for now. Hope I was'nt instrumental in causing chaos??

I'm sure it will sort out in the end- given the current weather- it's all very last minute stuff.

Anyway- Best Regards :)
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