The 2010 Le Mans Classic

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The 2010 Le Mans Classic

Postby IanN » Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:35 pm

This is an email I received from:
Eric Terry
Area Coordinator
MX5OC - North Thames

If your interested please get in touch with him, all details can be found below.

Hi everyone. You may have seen my post about the 2010 Le Mans Classic in the Motorsport Events section of the Forum. The content is shown below.
This offer came about because last year North Thames did a weeked trip to France and Mike Beasley contacted the President of MX-5 France (Stephan Le Berre) and he and a couple of other French members came along with us. Mike continued his correspondence with him and we have another trip planned for this year. Stephan is organising the Le Mans Classic gathering in conjunction with Mazda France and offered Mike 50 places for UK members, hence the post.
Please feel free to pass the details along to any members who may be interested in going. The event is open to all OC members but restricted to the first 50 to e-mail Mike Beasley and then return their registration form and payment to him by the dealine.

The Le Mans Classic - 9/10/11 July 2010
Mazda France are organizing an event at the "Le Mans Classic" to celebrate Mazda's 90th Birthday.

In conjuction with the MX-5 Club of France we have been able to obtain 50 places (of 250) for members of the MX-5 Owners Club, UK, to attend this event.
Ticket are available at 55€ per person for a 3 day pass, and include......
- General Access & Paddocks Access
- Grandstand Access
- Access to private Mazda area inside the Bugatti circuit
- Camping for the 2 nights
Tents can be erected during the evening, but must be removed during the day.

You need to register by 15th March 2010 and include a photo of your car with the registration.
The 50 best examples will be selected by Mazda to take part in an official parade lap.
The registration form can be downloaded from here. If you are interested in attending this event please e-mail Mike Beasley at and send your completed registration form and payment to him at..
4 Magenta Close
Essex CM12 OLF

This must sent to arrive with Mike by 10th March so that he can consolidate the submission to MX-5 France by 15th March.

Eric Terry
Area Coordinator
MX5OC - North Thames (tel. 01621 740906)
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Re: The 2010 Le Mans Classic

Postby mgrays » Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:45 pm

I did this 2 years ago on my own .. linked up with someone else down there for the 3 days... then did about 75% of the Alpine passes in the rest of 2 weeks.

Great fun, better than Le Man 24hrs, race every 40 minutes for about 20 minutes, 3 sessions for each decade. Real laugh with Sabb 2 stroke 94 doing who knows how many rpm on 3 gears and free wheeling clutch was good.. but all the standard classics too.

You can turn up on the spot .. and get camping on the spot. No real reason to book if you want to wing it.

Only real issue is that July 20th odd can get nasty with temps well over 30C. Been odd 40C plus over the years at that time. June is so much better from that point of view (or early Sept). So not really planning it this year. Take a folding mini stool to sit on. Food not that great compared to real Le Man somehow (less vendors) but it is so much less crowded so you can get down and up close to all the cars. Nice touch was the mini model cars with 10 year olds doing their own Le Man on the infield area!; cracking little models with full functioning everything and a wee petrol engine in the boot. Last day in the pits you got it to yourself so after 5pm you could get a real nosy around Alfa 8C, Bentley various blower or not etc.. I mean barriers down and no-one around. See the size of the turbo on the early 911 or that Ferrari 512 boxer with the flat 12 perched on top of the gearbox :shock: Roll and Spin!

So a recommend but watch out for the heat.
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