15 - 20 Track Booking Mallory Park

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15 - 20 Track Booking Mallory Park

Postby NickD » Thu Apr 23, 2009 1:31 am

It's been a long time coming, but 15 - 20 activities are starting to burst out everywhere.

This post is about the on track, in car activities at the National Festival at Mallory Park on the 12th September.

Off track activities will be shown elsewhere.

So what do we have? Firstly Mallory is a cracking little circuit and the circuit maps do not do it justice. Devils Elbow, Gerard’s and Shaw’s Hairpin are all interesting corners.


In the morning we have a full open pit lane session. Cars on track will be limited and there will be plenty of space for those fortunate drivers that sign up. This is the ideal time to share with another driver and make the most of the track.

In the afternoon we have 20 minute sessions. Again numbers are limited on track and this is a fantastic chance to see what your own car can do. Fed up with being called a Hair Dresser, hate the way diesel Mondeo's slow you down in corners and then leave you in a cloud of black smoke? This is where to see just what your MX-5 is capable of when there is no Mondeo or yellow boxes with cameras in.


This is the ideal time for regional groups. Always moaning that runs are too slow! Put up or shut up with our region challenge. There will be prizes for the biggest region in a session and also for the most flamboyant, proving it is safe to go on track. Anybody driving in authentic 1989 gear with automatically win a prize!


You can book instruction to if you want it. You can even rent and MX-5 Race car to have instruction in. Many people want to know just what they can do.

If driving is not your thing, or if you want to scare yourself of someone else someone else, you can take an adrenaline fuelled Hot Lap with one of our tame Stigs all in aid of our very worthy chosen charity Help for Heroes.


While all this is going on, in the Paddock, we will be running a Gymkhana (cone slalom to you and me) where you will be able to see if you are a hero or zero in one of our cars. Heroes win a prize, zeros don’t.


And then we have our spectacular Drift demonstration. Drifting is the art of going sideways even when it is straight, and we don’t mean a little bit of handbrake outside McDonalds, we mean properly sideways at a 100 miles per hour. And to show us all how that happens we will have our very own MX-5 drivers who Drift for fun and then, with rather more horse power we will have a display by Driftworks, the European Drift Champions who will show just what 650bhp in a car can do. And if you are lucky enough to get a passenger ride you can find out too.

Booking starts here.
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