Mk2 Electric Aerial revisited

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Mk2 Electric Aerial revisited

Postby Reg Molehusband » Mon May 09, 2005 2:35 pm

I fitted a new aerial mast to the motor unit at the weekend. Anyone know what should be used to keep the telescopic sections sliding easily for a long life? I have used ordinary grease in the past but wonder if PTFE spray or something else might be better?

Incidentally, I received the new aerial mast from MX5spares by post the next morning, genuine Mazda part and complete with installation instructions - excellent service I thought!

Installing the new nylon track was successful at the first attempt but I deviated slightly from the instuctions. After reading about the reported difficulties, I reassembled the motor unit with the long nylon track partially engaged with the large nylon gear by an inch or so, using lots of silicon grease. Also, I found that the telescopic section unit would not go down the alloy tube from the top - it had to be inserted up from the bottom. This was because of the black plastic (with white ring) fitting at the top of the alloy tube which would not easily come off. Anyway, with the motor unit UNPLUGGED, I switched on the radio, waited a minute or so (the aerial going up time), plugged in the motor unit, and then switched the radio off. The motor unit then pulled in the long nylon track followed by the alloy tube with aerial sections inside. Easy really!

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Postby DouglasH » Mon May 09, 2005 6:05 pm

I use light gear oil, wiped on with a dry cloth, 3 in 1 would probably do the job too.
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Mk2 Electric Aerial revisited

Postby Tom » Mon May 09, 2005 8:22 pm

Graphite grease is conductive, therefore making the aerial sections electrically connected better and more efficient. Sorry, couldn't resist answering that.
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