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Hi everyone!

Postby Project BBR » Wed Sep 05, 2007 12:36 am

Hi, joind the club a few months ago but not had time to figure out how to post messages. Hope im doin this right! I have had my car for over a year now, its a 1989 uk car that i fitted a BBR turbo conversion to and a six speed gear box with torsen diff. I have been tryin for a while to find someone in scotland capable enough to fit an emanage so i can turn the boost up or even better fit low comp pistons and huge injectors. Can anyone help? Cheers
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Postby rockdoc » Wed Sep 05, 2007 7:12 am

you,d be easier /cheaper finding a automatic engine which has lower compression .What are you using to control fuel/timing?,Did you swop over the BBR piggyback ecu and intercooler also?.Where are you based?
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Postby L111CHT » Wed Sep 05, 2007 2:27 pm

wot he said :lol:

woo another tubby in the club. this could be fun.......


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Postby Project BBR » Wed Sep 05, 2007 4:50 pm

Thanks for the help. Its just standard at the mo, got pistons and con rods from a 323 turbo... but there in a box rather than in the engine. I had been told about the auto engine being low comp but was unsure if it was low enough to make a difference and how to get the most from it? Im in Barrhead just outside Glasgow, looking forward to meeting other people with fast fives.

Project BBR
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Postby Robin » Wed Sep 05, 2007 4:58 pm

Welcome. Can't ever hope to keep up with the hot ones....but I may have a loose claim to now have one of the fastest.....Automatics! :oops:

Postby PaulDS » Wed Sep 05, 2007 6:16 pm

:D :P
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