The 5 "effect"

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The 5 "effect"

Postby Robin » Sun Aug 12, 2007 2:23 pm

Jen & I were filling up & washing her car at Morrisons this morning...or rather..the Boss sat in the driver's seat and allowed me the "privilege"!
Middle aged couple in a Megane cabriolet sauntered over and started giving the Sport the once over, eventually talking to said Boss ( hood doon of course) and remarked what a "delightful" little car it was...had seen it around...can we get a seat in it? Not to be churlish, Boss happy to oblige..and 15 minutes later we were "allowed" to get on our way!
Nice to get these comments...made Jen's day. Definate to SDM for a look today they said.
Bruce was parked behind...never got a 2nd glance :roll:
The guy with the other mass produced soft top adjacent was trying so hard to look nonchalant..and failing :wink:

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