A Wee Day Out?

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A Wee Day Out?

Postby hubba64 » Fri Aug 10, 2007 11:04 pm

You may know that the QE2 is coming home to the Clyde for the second last time before she becomes a floating hotel in Dubai . Second last time because her final visit will be next year.
Anyway, she's coming into Greenock on 20th Sept and the Cooncil is making an event of it on Greenock Esplanade.
Just heard today that the Red Arrows will be displaying at 12.15 in front of the Esplanade. Fingers crossed for a half decent bit of weather and I reckon that as a setting this takes some beating.
Can give directions if anyone is interested.
Pity it's on a Thursday.

Here's what the Arrows looked like a fortnight ago at East Fortune....great sky.


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