National Rally 2005

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National Rally 2005

Postby graeme » Sat Sep 04, 2004 8:19 pm


The National Rally 2005 (18-21 August)- Goodwood, Chichester.

? Your opportunity to Experience the Glories of Goodwood?

Arrangements for the 2005 event are already well advanced, and members may wish to make a note of the dates and location in planning their MX-5 itineraries for 2005, and also reserve their accommodation in the area.

The rally venue is the Goodwood Estate, near Chichester in West Sussex, famous for the Festival of Speed each June at Goodwood House, the Revival meeting at the Goodwood Motor Racing circuit in September, (both of these events attracting 150,000 spectators each year) and the Horse racing course situated on the undulating Sussex Downs and which is considered to be one of the finest in Europe. (see their website at ).

Goodwood is easily accessible from the M27/A27; A3(M), A285, A286 etc.

The various activities associated with the MX-5 National Rally, 2005 will be based at the Horse Racing course, (the main rally site), and there will also be club motor sport events at the Motor Racing Circuit where we have booked 2 full days of track sessions together with associated karting, skid pan and autotest events at the Goodwood Motor Circuit for Friday and Saturday, 19/20 August.
Pre booking will be required for the track sessions as the number of participants is limited to 40 members per each half day session, ie 160 in total.

The main rally venue, the Horse Race course grandstands and spectator areas, is available to us from Friday afternoon, and will be the location for the various social events being planned for both the Friday and Saturday evenings and the main rally activities on Sunday 21 August.

Another attraction which is sure to be of interest to members is the new Rolls-Royce car factory situated in a purpose built facility on the edge of the Goodwood estate. We have arranged, in total, 4 tours of the factory on Thursday and Friday 18 & 19 August. Pre-booking will be essential as the total number of visitors permitted is 20 per tour, ie 80 in all.

As well as the usual programme of activities associated with the National Rally, a number of Scenic drives in the West Sussex/Hampshire area are being planned, and these will each feature a particular theme, such as naval attractions ( HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, the Mary Rose) in nearby Portsmouth, notable gardens and country houses such as Goodwood House, Arundel Castle, Petworth House etc; aviation history at the Battle of Britain Museum at Tangmere, and the RJ Mitchell Museum at Southampton.

As well as the wide variety of rally events, there are many other attractions to be explored in the local area, so we hope that members will come down to the area for several days before or after the rally to take full advantage to enjoy this most attractive part of the UK.

Since Goodwood is easily accessible from the Channel Tunnel and various ferry ports along the South Coast, we also hope to attract many members from the continental MX-5 clubs to join us for the National Rally.

As Chichester and West Sussex are popular tourist areas, we have made special block booking arrangements with local hotels, and members can make advance reservations at 2 hotels now, as follows:

1. Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Chichester (closest hotel to the rally venue) at ?35 pppn B & B, based on a minimum stay of 2 nights, Contact Ramada on 01243-786351,and quote Group reference 166 MX-5 Owners Group allocation (total of 58 double/twin and 2 single rooms reserved);

2. Hilton Hotel, Avisford Park, near Arundel, (approx 8 miles from Goodwood), Cost ?55 pppn B & B based on a minimum stay of 2 nights, 50 Double/twin rooms reserved. Contact Hilton on 01243-558308 and quote booking reference MX-5 Owners Club.

3. The following accommodation will also be available, to be booked through the club:

-University College Bognor Regis campus, Single rooms only (en suite), ?34 pppn B & B; (20 rooms available)

-Exclusive camping facilities on the Goodwood Racecourse (59 pitches) including electrical hook up points, showers etc. (Cost of pitches cannot be confirmed until November, 2004).

4. The club is also planning to make block bookings at Travel Lodge and Premier Lodge hotels in the area, but these cannot be made until 6 months prior to the event.

General information about the Sussex area and the range of accommodation available etc can be found at and for members who wish to make their own arrangements.

More detailed information on the whole rally programme between the 18th and 21st August, 2005, together with registration forms, will be circulated to members later. A dedicated club website for the National Rally, 2005 is being set up at to provide members with current information.

If you wish to indicate your interest in either the Rolls-Royce factory tours, or the track day sessions, please contact Allan Legg, the Rally Organiser on 01258-821199,,
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Postby CharlesK » Sat Sep 04, 2004 11:00 pm

sounds good Graeme - only problem is douglas, richard, gavin ,andy and myself are sitting here trying to arrange tomorrow for this years but are having problems with billy connelly and alcohol
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Postby inddigo » Mon Sep 06, 2004 12:50 pm

Hi Guys,
Would like to say thanks to everyone for a great weekend, Douglas the hotel was great :) As i expected spent far to much money on the car, but the new style bars look really cool ;) got Sunburnt as it was a roasting day and i have never seen so many 5's in one place :) . All in all a great weekend cant wait for next year :D

Andy and Jo
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Re: national

Postby sparkly » Fri Sep 10, 2004 7:28 pm

chic and heather wrote:sitting here trying to arrange tomorrow for this years

Huh? :lol: A more coherent expression of the state you guys were in at that moment could not have been written :wink:
Guy came up in the carpark at Telford and mentioned this Goodwood event - he said as well as the Rolls Royce factory tour there was some MacLaren thing going on too.
Dave & I stayed in that area last year and it was absolutely gorgeous - abounds with fantastic pubs & can list recommendations! :wink: There's a Weston-like place close by called West Dean Arboretum, they have a brilliant chilli festival there we went to earlier weekend in August if anyone is going to make a proper summer holiday of it! (You need it for the pubs!)
Def. think about planning it because this year's was so good :) totally glorious drive back as well (apart from the interminable delay around Stafford Monday morning :roll: ) went to Ulverston then home on the Tues. Been working 'doubletime' ever since to make up ... good excuse not to get started on the luggage rack 'bargain', but if you saw how many Ikea flatpacks I had to make up this week :cry: that should be a doddle!
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Postby DouglasH » Fri Sep 10, 2004 9:51 pm

totally glorious drive back as well (apart from the interminable delay around Stafford Monday morning )

We were in that hold up Monday morning too, in fact had to queue to join the queue at junction 15, then spent most of the time trying to shelter from the sun by keeping alongside an artic.

By the way the usual whingers have been out on the National Forum, :roll: proclaiming that some of their members in the midlands, found the 60 miles to Weston was too far for them, :cry: so next years event was was met with a triple intake of breath :oops:

I think we should be planning on a week next year, as you suggest Liz, make a holiday of it, perhaps stopping off a couple of nights on the way down, also breaking the homeward journey.

Any thoughts please.
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Postby inddigo » Fri Sep 10, 2004 10:04 pm

Sounds good to me Douglas

Andy and Jo
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Postby sparkly » Sat Sep 11, 2004 8:33 am

Wasn't that some logjam, Douglas - we were in it from before 14 till it cleared after 16. Quarter of a tank of petrol later :shock:
If you do the chilli festival as well next year you might be talking two weeks as it's usually the first weekend!
One en route suggestion for that or any other trips far south: The Swan at Stafford where we stayed on the way down - fab big beer garden & lots of interconnecting bars & restaurant spaces, contemporary in an ancient building, centre of the town at the riverside/shops, w carparking (if you get in quick enough!)
Then again re yr comment on the mileage whingers - that might be too far and we could all just meet somewhere handy like Harthill :lol:
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Postby Hardtrack » Sat Sep 11, 2004 10:56 am

Mileage whingers? :shock: ,as i've said many times,fur coat no knickers :lol: .........even complaining about the price of burgers and soft drinks on the National forum to.........oh to be a half boiled snob 8)
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Postby DouglasH » Thu Nov 18, 2004 12:27 am

Update on National 2005...unfortunately all 80 places for the Rolls-Royce factory tour have been booked, Alan Legg (organiser) is currently trying to obtain extra tours, he has however opened a reserve booking list.

There is a possibility that there might be tours arranged to the brand new Mercedes / Mc Laren plant in Portsmouth.

Other events include :-

Themed drives..not leader led or in convoy, due to heavy traffic in that area.

Goodwood Track..3 hour 1/2 day sessions (Friday & Saturday)

Karting..including inter area competion (watch out for more on this at other tracks nationwide)

Skidpan and Autotest events.

Hope to discuss the National at the planning meeting in January.
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Postby DouglasH » Mon Apr 11, 2005 1:29 pm


Just to let you know that information flyers and registration forms
will be dispatched with the next (May) Area newsletter.
In addition, a special website at is now
operational, further information regarding the detailed rally programme
will be included on the website as it becomes available.

If you wish to register now to reserve a track session, or places at the two evening social functions, (for which there are limited number of places available) you can download the registration form from the website.
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Postby DouglasH » Sat Apr 30, 2005 9:42 pm


The club is funding a fun motorsport event to be held at the National Rally at Goodwood on the afternoon of Saturday 20th August.

So the details...

1) It's FREE!

2) It's FUN!

3) It's KARTING!

The first 18 areas to register an interest will be able to enter 2 people each into an inter-area karting championship. The format will
be 6x6 heats and one final to DECIDE THE CHAMPION OF ALL BRITAIN!

The winner (apart from taking glory from all those present) will be
presented with a trophy - the budget for the trophy hasn't been decided
yet so it may be small !!

If anyone is interested We (Co-ordinators) need to submit a list of names before the end of July, contact Mino or myself.
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Postby DouglasH » Sat Apr 30, 2005 10:34 pm

Another update...

Unfortunately there has been a hiccup with the printing of the fliers
and registration forms for Goodwood.. The fliers will not go out until
the June edition of STHT (sent out approx the 27th May) you can
access the Goodwood website and register. For those attending the
Spring Rally at Margam Park forms will be available there.
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Postby kevham » Wed Jun 15, 2005 8:01 pm

Has anybody else organised anything yet?
For anyone who has never been, Goodwood is in a great part of the world and there are some really nice places to visit not too far away (I'm biased - I used to live nearby!)

I just got confirmation of my track session (Sat AM) and we're travelling down on the Thursday (stopping off for a Westfield factory visit in the afternoon :twisted: ). We'll either be staying with friends or camping on the south coast (not at the MX-5 rally though).

Anybody else going from up here?
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Postby DouglasH » Sun Jun 26, 2005 9:57 pm

More news...

If you are intending to come to Goodwood, but have not already
registered to attend the National Rally, please do so as soon as
possible. If you are still not sure whether to come, there are 2
special attractions that might persuade you, in addition to a packed
programme of activities covering 4 days in total.

First, as previously announced, the National Rally will be the first
opportunity for members to see the new, 3rd generation MX-5, in the
UK. The car which is being brought over specially for the occasion
by Mazda Europe, will be present on both Saturday, 20 August and
Sunday, 21 August. So a chance to see it before you place your order
for one!

Second, to help us to reach our target of having 1,000 MX-5's
present, thus setting a new record for attendance at the National
Rally, Mazda UK have generously donated a special prize of a ?250
voucher. The names of all members who have registered, by Monday 8
August, to attend the rally will be entered in this special draw,
which will be made at 4.00pm on Sunday, 21st August, 2005 at the
National Rally, ( prior to the draw for the other raffle prizes
which are valued at over ?1500 in total).

Also, a reminder that for the activities which need to be paid for
prior to the rally, ( Track, Karting and Skid pan sessions at the
Motor Circuit on Friday and Saturday, the Friday evening Hog
roast, and the Saturday evening Hot Buffet and Dinner dance, the
absolute last date for receiving your registration will also be
Monday 8 AUGUST. Tickets for these activities cannot be purchased at
the rally.

This is to give us enough time to process your registration and mail
you the tickets, and also because we have to notify Goodwood, in
advance, of the total numbers of members attending each activity.

So, even if you are only planning to come on the Sunday, please
register in advance so we can send you, prior to the rally, a copy
of the special Event Programme which we have produced, and ensure
your name is entered in the special draw.
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