A77/M77 Glasgow to Ayr

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A77/M77 Glasgow to Ayr

Postby lowrider » Sun Apr 01, 2007 1:24 pm

I've not been on this road for a while,it used to be the main route to the coast but since the introduction of the M77 extention its a quiet road with lots of twists and turns with a nice bridge to drive through letting you hear the sweet exhaust note (hood down of course) Watch out for the average speed cameras,well sign posted though.
Cruised the strip on the seafront,what a laugh ! damn they like there Subaru's,traffic police were taking reg plates numbers,probably to identify boy racers. Funny thing sitting at the lights with boy racers next to you looking for a race,but with 6 points in the past month,clean for the past 11 years!(1 from a speed camera,1 from a gun NB police seem to be setting a lot of traps on the Great Western Rd,just past the Police station under the bridge :roll: ) I declined.I'm surprised they don't get dizzy, we parked and noticed that the same cars driving round and round. Seems pointless now but I used to do the same thing myself back in the day in Strathclyde Park so I can't comment really !

Anyway back to Ayr make sure to get out onto the Heads of Ayr,stunning views ,perfect test for that sweet chassis, the electric brae, switch off your engine and you actually get pulled uphill !!!! Make sure you stop off at Croy shore just past the Brae perfect for a barbie. Hey,guess what we did Saturday ! Ragtop down cruisin' Nice. :lol:
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