National Events

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National Events

Postby Alex » Fri Jan 02, 2009 9:01 pm

I've never registered on the national forum (everyone says it's a pain to do!) but just had a look at plans for 2009 National Events - what do people think?

Spring Rally - Elvington, about 200 miles/4 hours away

National 20 years Celebration (planning stage only) - Mallory Park, about 300miles/6 hours away

Strikes me that the 'circuit fans' are taking over - the magazine is starting to look that way too...although it's still a much improved read!

The best meeting I've attended was at Beamish, which had so much more than just the cars (much as I love my wee car, looking at others only holds me for so long!!) and I wonder if this 'social side' is being forgotten.

Do people think these are good options and good locations to mark the 20 year celebrations, or are they too specialised?

Just wondered...... :wink:
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