'Lazy' headlight !!

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'Lazy' headlight !!

Postby HighlandMX5 » Sun Jul 04, 2004 7:32 pm

Hi Folks!!
My '5' spends most of it's life stashed away under a cover in a garage, and only comes out when the sun shines. Recently, it's developed an annoying intermittant trait...

When I go to raise the headlights, either to 'flash', put the dip on or press the 'cleaning' button on the dash, the passenger (nearside) lamp is very lazy to raise, sometimes taking up to a minute!! This problem is only recent, and car has never been crashed or the lamp 'lent on'.

:?: I have cleaned all the electrical connections and the earth connection with contact cleaner, but to no effect. The plug shows no sign of corrosion or damage.

:?: I have performed a 'wiggle test' on the wires and plug with the lamp, to no effect. I have tried this extensivly, and checked the loom as far as I can access it and there is no damage to the insulation and no 'play' in any of the terminations to the plug. I'm therfore assuming that the problem is unlikely to be a loose connection.

:?: When the lamp 'decides' to raise, it goes up swiftly and shows no sign of the motor being under strain. All the linkages have freedom of movement and are well lubricated

:?: Could it be a problem with a relay? (I'm assuming that it cannot be the dash switchgear, as all the 'up' switch settings behave the same).

:?: Would a problem with the relay affect both lights at the same time?

:?: Has anyone else experienced this problem? I would be surprised as I have always found Mazda electrics to be excellent. Could the lack of regular usage be a cause? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Matt C :P
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Postby graeme » Sun Jul 04, 2004 8:57 pm

I had a similar problem a while ago. It turned out to be a cracked wire and was solved by wiring one headlight to the other (the difference in the time it took the two lights to come up was not noticeable).
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