Heat warning light MK1 eunos

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Heat warning light MK1 eunos

Postby Bev » Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:45 pm

Hi, Looking for some help/advice on a Mk1 Eunos. I have a warning light which says "heat" which has started to glow.....I say glow because it isn't as bright red as the hand brake and seat belt warning lights but it is definitely on. I have water in the radiator and the temperature gauge is not showing overheating when the engine is warm and the fan is working. The light is coming on from cold. I am thinking this is possible some sort of electrical fault rather than an over heating problem? I can't find any reference to the warning light in the Haynes Manual I have. Can anyone tell me what this warning light specifically means? Shouldn't a warning light be either on fully or off? Any advice gratefully received :D
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Re: Heat warning light MK1 eunos

Postby DrewN » Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:19 pm

There is a sensor in the catalytic converter warning of overheating. Plenty of answers if you search under eunos heat warning light on net, but this link provides some info for you. http://www.mazdamenders.net/index.php/faqs-a-how-to/112-problems/99-heat-light.html
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