Adding a fog light (existing wiring)

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Adding a fog light (existing wiring)

Postby Matt C » Sun Oct 18, 2015 7:01 pm

Another query, folks!

I'm replacing the rather gash rear fog-light wiring on my 1993 Eunos with something a bit more OEM.

I have bought a genuine OEM fog light with (with illumination in the switch) and found what looks like a corresponding plug in the loom near to the drivers knee.

Obviously, I'll need to find there this exits the loom at the rear so that I can wire into a light.

Does anyone know where the plug exits?

Do I need to populate the loom with a fuse, relay, etc?

The illuminated plug has 5 pins, yet the loom plug only has 4 pins. Does this mean the 'illuminated' part is not supported?

Anyone else "been here before" who can offer assistance?

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