Mk4 Parts List Online

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Mk4 Parts List Online

Postby drumtochty » Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:29 pm

Mazda have now put the Mk4 ND parts diagrams online on the European portal, free registration.

Some info so far.

The jack was discontinued from the MK3 a few years ago it is back in the Mk4.

Still has a tyre repair kit cost of replacing the goo £87.45 plus vat.

The compressor is just short of £200 so best to get one from ebay.

New 17" x 7J wheel £177.17 plus vat

Centre caps only £6.88 plus vat.

The exhaust is similar to the Mk3, one piece from the main cat to the rear silencer.
also the rear silencer is similar idea to MK3 .

The main rear silencer is a similar price to the NC at around £400 inc vat.

I have just changed the mid section exhaust on Stuart's Mk3 today and it was £700 for the Mk3. The Mk4 is around £400 inc vat

New key £110 plus vat.

Even I am getting bored now.

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Re: Mk4 Parts List Online

Postby IanH » Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:26 pm

Need a big improvement in the share price and a rise in the Euro before I could contemplate a MK4 so guess it's not happening anytime soon then... :D
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