head gasket

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head gasket

Postby dixie » Fri Aug 20, 2004 9:00 pm

Hi big problem with my recently bought mk 2 mx-5 Very lumpy when i start up took it to my mates garage he is a very clever mechanic he thought it was an electrical fault at first but then discovered the compression was down on one cylinder he then did further tests and found an inlet valve was a goner .My car is an import 1998 accordinng to mazda dealer there was an engine change about this time and the head gaskets are slightly different . they say they can sort out the right gasket if they fax mazda the chassis no and any more info i can give them. The strange bit about this is when i phoned a mazda mail order company who specialize in mx5 parts they told me there is only one head gasket for this vehicle On further investigation with a specialist gasket company they confirmed there was 2 gaskets for this model 1.6. and the change over date was 1998 anyone out there had any experiencees about this I wont be driving next weekend I will be in garage taking head off so i hope the weather is lousy(sorry folks) regards dixie
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