Boot corrosion & sticking calipers

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Boot corrosion & sticking calipers

Postby slartibartfast » Mon Aug 16, 2004 9:12 pm

Hi , I have very recently bought a UK 1995 1.8i.

The first problem is one the front calipers is sticking. Is this a common problem ?. I haven't had a look yet , but is it likely to be sliders or the piston (I saw an article at but don't know if they are the same)

The second and more worrying problem is I discovered the boot carpet is wet. It looks like there is corrosion on the boot floor , so I guess the water is coming up from below, I was planning to undersela it form below as a start. Is this a common problem or the sign of bigger worries ?

Thanks for any advice

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Postby loftladderman » Tue Aug 17, 2004 5:27 am

Not really any common corrosion problems on the cars.

Water in the boot / back parcel shelf is usually caused by blocked drain holes leading from the hood area.
Also make sure your rain rail is ok !

Richard is the one to answer THIS particular problem as he IS the hood fitter for Scotland.

Peel the lower part of your hood back next to the door / seat belt pillar, when in the down position and there is a drainage hole either side.
These get made up with leaves and other such crap.
Richard told me and showed me how to do this when fitting my new hoods.

I clear mine using the ariel from one of my other cars and poke it down till it hits the ground. Carefully !

No brake problems on any of mine so would not think the problem is "common".
Strip, inspect, coppaslip and re-assemble I would think.
Regards from Mack
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Postby slartibartfast » Tue Aug 17, 2004 8:09 pm

Thanks Mac. Time for the donkey ears !. I am greatly releived to say what I thought was corrosion was cracked sound deadening which looked like wet oxidisation. I looked under the car in the half dark without a torch and saw a corroded exhaust heat sheild ... which I took to be the rusty boot floor. 2 + 2 = 10 !

I'll check out the drain channels , but it may just have been over enthuisiastic washing by the precvious owner (I bought it on Sunday and picked it up last night). I've removed the carpets and will monitor. I shouldn't have to wait too long until it rains again !

I'll have a look at the brakes and give them a clean , but I'm pretty relaxed about them in comparison :lol:

Many thanks

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Postby slartibartfast » Wed Aug 18, 2004 7:12 pm

Well I applied the water torture to the boot area. There are 2 leaks.

One small drip coming through one of the holes the black plastic push studs holding on the rear plastic panel , but the main leak is water coming up underneath the boot seal by a capilliary action.

It looks like the boot seal is stuck down with some black gunk. I need to re-apply some more gunk. Any idea what to use ?. I don't want to use silicon or any permanent glue.

Ta for any suggestions
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