sounds from my engine bay

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sounds from my engine bay

Postby smiles » Wed Mar 06, 2013 12:44 am

Hi guys and girls i have a problem that i just noticed while changing spark plugs and topping up oil. I just finished changing my spark plugs and went to start up the car to make sure everything was ok and no misfires. All was ok and no problem until i turned it off. I turned the key to turn the car off and the engine stopped as usual and about 1 second after the engine stopped there was a noise that sounded like a golf ball getting hit by a putter softly. I know this is a bit brief decription but 100% from under the bonnet i also asked my girlfriend if she could come out the house and turn the car off so i could locate the noise but apparently having a shower before dallas was more important. The noise did take a second to happen after the engine was switched off so maybe could have been something closing that air passes through when the engine runs and closes when the engine is turned off and the noise was some sort of valve or something closing. I have never noticed this noise before and am worried incase something is wrong even more so now that i topped up oil and changed the plugs. the oil was filled up to just above the F mark on the dip stick but cant imagine this being the issue for the noise.
Any comments welcome please.
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