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Postby graeme » Mon Jul 12, 2004 10:40 pm

There is an MX-5 racimng series underway and we have our very own driver taking part. (Basically all the drivers were assigned an area). We have 21 Alan Hayne... Central Scotland & South Central England. (Some drivers were assigned 2 areas).
The full list is:
21 Alan Hayne... Central Scotland & South Central England
7 Alyn Robson. Cheshire & North Wales / West London
77 Andrew Stott. Cornwall & South East England
19 Christian Dick Eastern & Wessex
3 David Cope.. Lincolnshire & Western England
11 Gordon Harding Milton Keynes
20 James Carter North East Midlands
13 James Wingfield North Thames & Tyne Tees
TBA John Cross North Scotland
TBA John Greensmith North West England
9 Jonathan Blake North West Midlands & South West England
24 Jonathan Halliwell Northampton & Yorkshire Ridings
8 Mark Farnsworth Northern Ireland
55 Martin Stevinson Oxford
18 Paul Sheard. Peaks & Pennines & South West Midlands
17 Paula Sheard Republic of Ireland & West Midlands
42 Ray Quinleven Solent & South Wales

Take a look at for details.
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