Insurance "heads up"

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Insurance "heads up"

Postby Robin » Tue Nov 27, 2007 12:16 pm

Noticed fellow in the "other Forum" who, after having his MK1 tanned..panned...whatever :wink: by thugs(extensive panel damage), is now "negotiating" a write-off settlement. One issue which gave him grief was an apparently dour inspector who highlighted the vehicle was not as described on the mine is not. Mazda UK ( Zurich) has my NA down as a UK MX5 Gleneagles...I wish.....
I contacted them regarding this, and today received a document acknowledging they are aware of the exact model specification & import source of Bruce...only having "used" the Glen as a benchmark of true value. Zurich do not quote the Eunos.
I would have imagined a good Glen would be far more valuable than mine...but...word the wise folks if you have an Import.

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