Happy memories

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Happy memories

Postby Beejay » Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:23 am

Just spent the last week in Edin. where I was born (Leith) and havent visisted for a long long time. Wonderful memeories as you can imagine and still lots of lovely people.Now the proud owner of a lovely little roadster I naturally spot every other one on the road as you do and was amazed at the number I saw whenever I was out and about. I kid you not but I saw anything from 3-6 each trip and reckon on a total of around 30 of you. I hope your all memebers.
Its strange driving around a town you know so well and seeing all the changes evrywhere you go but one thing unfortunately hasnt changed, the B----Y awful state of the roads up there, Queensferry, Corstorphine, Maybury,Drumbrae to name but a few. They are a nightmare and it made me glad I didnt bring the new girl up with us. Maybe Im spoiled or lucky in north Wales with good roads, no comment on the indigenous population Only saw one of you topless during the trip....I thought you lot were still hardy! The weather wasnt too bad for there was it?
Anyhow, thanks for listening to me. It was great coming home again and nice to see so many of you out and about. Were back again soon and will bring the new girl up next time and maybe if I time it right I can join you on arun. Incidentally. Im a member of the Cheshire and North Wales.
A good New Year to you all and safe driving.
Kind regards.
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