4 down to 2 for now :-)

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4 down to 2 for now :-)

Postby loftladderman » Sun Dec 05, 2004 9:27 am

4 Roadster Mack is now down to 2 Roadsters !
A nice gent came around on Saturday, made me an offer on two (The Whitey and one of the red ones) paid me a ?1000 deposit...asked for no receipt, and said he would return later to collect them.

He duly arrived one hour later, paid me out, collected the paperwork..... and took them away :cry:

He drove the Whitey away and his pal trailered the red one away.

After advertising them on eBay and them struggling a bit, (with one con man / waster getting involved) he offered me more than I thought they were worth myself ! !!!!
Certainly more than I expected for 2 of the 1990 Roadsters.
I did not re-coup my costs on the whitey for sure but it was VERY close indeed !
The Red on I more than recovered my costs and even made a slight profit !

It was a joy to cancel the ebay adverts :-)

He paid in the folding stuff as well :lol:

Distance he travelled ??
Less than a 20 MILE round trip, so they have stayed local !

His wife now has the Whitey and his Daughter is getting the red one for her Xmas.

I am keeping the Greddy and the auto ones.
Regards from Mack
Greddy Turbo :-)
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