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Mazda European Assistance

Postby sparkly » Mon Sep 13, 2004 3:28 pm

Comes bundled with a new MX-5 and is very good 8). Thankfully, as I just had to use it :oops: . Was told by dealership at the time that if you do anything even as negligent as running out of petrol or daft as losing your key, they'll sort you out, no charge. My own problem was sorted out within half an hour, at home.

The cautionary tale here is that when you *don't* have the pukka handsfree, but just the wires-all-over-the-shop job, every now & again you catch a wire with something as you're getting in the car and it falls over the steering wheel. If you can't stop to fit it back right away, be aware yes it can and does wrap itself inside the steering column :o .

So there am I doing 3point turns and the wires going round with the wheel. Thinking, uh-oh, next it'll be dismantle steering column-disable airbag in order to stop the steering possibly locking or worse. Now I know that it's just an ordinary Phillips to remove the top cowling only and you can wheech the wire out again. Problem solved! :D

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