The MX5OC is useful!

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The MX5OC is useful!

Postby Enjay » Sat Jun 22, 2019 3:47 pm

No sarcasm or anything. Genuinely happy.

My car has just been in to get its second year service carried out. For the second year running, knowledge gleaned via the MX5OC has helped the process.

Last year, the issue with the RF batteries going flat was just starting the recall process and I hadn't actually received my letter when I booked my car in, but I knew to ask about it and went in with a copy of the technical service bulletin that had been issued by Mazda that I'd got via the OC. The recalls were recent enough that the person that I spoke to wasn't immediately aware of the issue, but a quick check confirmed that it was something being recalled and I was able to get the fix applied with the service. The only reason that I was fully aware of the issue, its cause and the recall at that time (I did get a letter around the same time as the service though) was through discussions on the club forums.

This year, I knew of three additional issues that might affect my car.
The issues are:
  • The headlining in the RF can "droop" a little at the back and needs an extra fastener added (I knew that my car had this minor issue because I could see it easily enough myself).
  • Wind noise from the closed roof can be a little loud and there is a kit and a TSB on how to fix it. I wasn't sure if my car was suffering from this (and my car is almost at the manufacture date after which they were fixed from the factory), but there was quite a bit of wind noise (not excessive, but there) so I wanted it checked.
  • The possibility of rust appearing at the base of the little posts at the front of the side windows. My car has not (yet) suffered from this but it also hasn't been out in much bad weather so I wanted the rubber inserts fitted as a preventative measure (as I said, the issue had not appeared, so I was happy to pay).

I was aware that all of these could be issues primarily because of discussions on here or the main site. Links on the main site had also set me up with copies of the TSBs so I knew that Mada had acknowledged all of these (admittedly, mostly minor) issues.

So, two weeks ago, when booking the car in to Sir Arnold's place, all three points were mentioned. The booking email from Arnold Clark confirmed that the issues would be looked into. On dropping my car off this morning, however, the receptionist seemed unaware that these issues had been raised, so I had to explain them all again.

A couple of hours later, I got a call from the service desk saying that the service was complete but that the technician could not find anything to do with the issues that I had raised and that "the parts you asked for are not for your car". To be clear, I hadn't asked for any specific parts; just raised the issues. I assured the very pleasant person (no sarcasm) that the issues certainly were to do with my car and that they had been acknowledged by Mazda. I was then asked if I could come in early to discuss the problems with the technician directly.

So, I logged on to my computer, used links from the OC forum and printed out copies of all three TSBs. I went in to Arnold Clark and handed the TSBs over. The receptionist disappeared for 10 minutes and came back saying that the technician had confirmed that my car was "in-spec" for all three TSBs and they would order up the parts and I could book the car in to get the work done. For what ever reason, Arnold Clark was unaware/unable to confirm the issues until I provided them with the TSBs.

So, long story short, without the OC, I might not have been aware of all of the issues and I would not have been able to provide Arnold Clark with hard evidence of the issues either and they would not be getting addressed on my car.

And as a side additional point, without the OC, I would also not be aware that the MZD Connect system on my car can now be upgraded to use Android Play, so I was able to ask about that too.

So, thanks OC.

Now, I think my subscription date is pretty much expired, so I better go and renew.
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Re: The MX5OC is useful!

Postby drumtochty » Sat Jun 22, 2019 4:40 pm

Just checked on the Mazda Portal and my 2018 GT has a recall must phone on Monday and find out what it is.
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