Beware the foreign waterparks...

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Beware the foreign waterparks...

Postby Telly Addict » Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:35 pm

Before I start, this is not a desperate plea for sympathy, just an amusing story of how I managed to ruin our annual holiday in the sun earlier in the month...

Almost a year to the day since my anterior lumbar fusion operation, while on holiday in Menorca at the start of this month, I managed to take a fall down a waterslide. The slide in question was called 'The Black Hole' and required 2 of you to ride a double donut down a rather fast and dark tunnel slide. I wasn't quite on the donut properly and as it shot off down the initial steep bit, I fell off the back and them rather unceremoniously tumbled all the way down to the bottom. :oops:

Sounds funny, but when I fell off I was folded in half by the narrow tunnel and there was an excruciating crunch in my back. After being spat out at the bottom, all I could do was hold on to the side of the pool and try not to pass out from, what was quite considerable pain, while trying to reassure my kids (9 & 11) that I was ok. After a few minutes, the 'life guard' noticed me and seeing I was in bother, called their 'medic'. I was helped out the pool and into a wheelchair and wheeled into the 'med' room. An ambulance was called and I was taken to the nearest hospital, which was private; so always remember your travel insurance people!

Cue CAT scans and approx 4 hours of faff before pain-medication was administered (as it was a Sat, all the specialists were off-duty). That night I was informed that I had fractured my L1 vertebrae...cue 4 days of hospital stay from day 5 of a 10 day holiday. That's 4 days of not being able to leave the bed and using a piss-pot, curtains shut while it's a flawless 30C outside and eating hospital food... :x

So we got home ok, wheelchair access on flights has at least some advantages, and I'm off work for a couple of months. I'm wearing a brace which kinda looks like something robocop would have and trying to keep my days vaguely interesting (while not being able to do anything interesting).

The 5 is still on it's ramps from before we left, still waiting on her powerflex bushes. At least it's pretty warm now... :roll:

So the moral of the story is; be careful when enjoying active pursuits when abroad, as not everywhere else shares our strong H&S ethos and framework, i.e. the 'guard' at the top of the slides was too busy on their phone to notice a solar eclipse, nevermind someone not getting on a slide properly. Yeah I know I biffed it, but it's clearly quite a dangerous activity it would seem! :roll:
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Re: Beware the foreign waterparks...

Postby IanH » Wed Jul 20, 2016 8:11 pm

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